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Innovation through R&D

Our scientists, researchers and engineers are developing innovative technologies to help meet the world’s growing need for energy more sustainably.

Finding oil and gas

We use advanced technologies to uncover increasingly hard-to-find energy resources trapped in porous rocks beneath the land and seas.

Unlocking oil and gas

We are developing ways to unlock new energy resources safely and efficiently, often in more challenging environments.

Making the most of our resources

We are developing advanced techniques to recover up to 30% more energy resources from existing oil fields. 

Safe and responsible decommissioning

The final step in the lifecycle of any oil and gas project is to prepare facilities for shutdown in a safe, environmentally responsible way.

Digital innovation

Shell has been at the forefront of digital technologies since the 1970s. Discover the areas with the greatest potential for our business today. 

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientists

Working with our Chief Technology Officer, Shell’s Chief Scientists contribute to recognised scientific expertise and help to deliver innovative technology.

Scientists gain new line to the deep ocean

Scientists gain new line to the deep ocean

A new mooring line in the Gulf of Mexico could further scientific knowledge of the world's interconnected ocean systems.

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From hospital bed to seabed

From hospital bed to seabed

CT scanning has already revolutionised medicine, now it is driving innovation deep beneath the waves.

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Accelerating technology development

Accelerating technology development

Shell’s Chief Technology Officer: we want to work with start-ups developing breakthrough energy technologies that complement our business.

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Nasa’s adventure at the bottom of the sea

Nasa’s adventure at the bottom of the sea

It took an abandoned nuclear missile silo, a vast underwater laboratory and a lot of hard work. But the US space agency boldly went where it had never been before: the North Sea.

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Back to the Future: could cars be powered by waste?

The Shell pilot plant that will turn rubbish into fuel for cars.

Tracking the future of energy technology

Shell Chief Technology Officer Yuri Sebregts talks about the critical role technology can play in lowering carbon emissions.