Offshore Wind, Netherlands

A man and women looking at the Egmond aan Zee wind farm in the Netherlands

Wind farms in operation

Borssele III & IV, Netherlands

Shell is a 20% shareholder in the Blauwwind consortium that has built and operates the Borssele III & IV wind farm off the Dutch coast. The wind farm has a total installed capacity of 731.5 megawatts (MW) and produces the equivalent of 2.5% of Dutch electricity demand. First power was achieved in August 2020 and the wind farm was completed in February 2021.

Shell has agreements to buy half the electricity from Borssele III & IV.

Watch how Shell helped build Borssele III & IV.

Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands

Shell owns the 108-megawatt (MW) Egmond aan Zee offshore wind farm, which began operations in 2007. The wind farm was the first 100+ MW wind farm in the Dutch North Sea. It is made up of 36 wind turbines and produces the equivalent renewable power output to 0.3% of Dutch electricity demand.

Egmond aan Zee was built as part of the NoordzeeWind joint venture with Vattenfall (Shell share 50%). In March 2021, Shell agreed to take over Vattenfall's share in NoordzeeWind and became the wind farm's sole owner.

Close up of a wind turbine

Wind farms in development

Hollandse Kust (noord), Netherlands

Shell is a 79.9% shareholder in the CrossWind consortium. In July 2020, Shell and Eneco were awarded the tender for the subsidy-free offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust (noord). The 759-megawatt (MW) wind farm will help to meet the objectives of the Dutch Climate Agreement and the European Union’s Green Deal. It is expected to produce 3.3 TWh of power per year, equivalent to 2.8% of Dutch electricity demand. Both companies have already taken their final investment decisions on the project.

In 2021 Amazon signed an agreement with the CrossWind consortium to purchase 380 MW of power from the HKN wind farm. The electricity generated by the wind farm will be also used to produce renewable hydrogen at Shell’s Holland Hydrogen I, Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant once operational in 2025.

Offshore Wind, USA

Offshore wind farm

Wind farms in development

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, USA

Shell is a 50% partner in the Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind joint venture with EDF Renewables North America. Atlantic Shores is actively developing about five gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind capacity (pre-FID), making it one of the largest offshore wind development companies on the US East Coast. It includes the New York Bight acreage, awarded in February 2022, which could support ~1.5 GW of wind generation.

In June 2021, Atlantic Shores Project 1 won the right to provide 1.5 GW of offshore wind energy to the state of New Jersey via their state-supported offtake mechanism, enough to power over 700,000 homes in New Jersey. The expected start-up of the wind farm is 2027.

Mayflower Wind, USA

Shell is a 50% partner with Ocean Winds in the Mayflower Wind joint venture that is working to develop a wind lease off the coast of Massachusetts, USA, with the potential to generate approximately 2.2 gigawatts (GW) of electricity (pre-FID).

In December 2021, Mayflower was awarded the right to provide 400 megawatts (MW) of offshore wind energy by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its three biggest utilities. Combined with its power purchase agreement of 804 MW awarded in 2019, Mayflower could deliver more than 1.2 GW of clean energy to electricity customers throughout Massachusetts and New England. That is enough energy each day to power over half a million homes and businesses. The expected start-up of the wind farm is 2026.

Floating Offshore Wind

Tetraspar Demonstrator Project
Tetraspar Demonstrator Project

Tetraspar Demo, Norway

Shell is a partner in the Tetraspar Demo project with Stiesdal Technology, RWE and TEPCO, developing a floating turbine foundation. In November 2021, the TetraSpar unit was commissioned and put into operation. Now connected to the Norwegian grid, the project has entered the test phase where data on the performance and characteristics of the TetraSpar floating foundation will be captured and analysed to pave the way for commercial-scale floating wind projects.

ScotWind Projects, United Kingdom

In early 2022, Shell and ScottishPower secured joint offers for seabed rights to develop large-scale floating wind farms as part of Crown Estate Scotland’s ScotWind leasing. Shell, together with its partner, was awarded two sites representing a total of 5 gigawatts off the east and north-east coast of Scotland. The development, construction and operation of ScotWind projects is set to bring new skilled jobs and manufacturing opportunities as well as boost local supply chains.

Emerald and Western Star Projects

In 2021 Shell signed an agreement with Irish developer Simply Blue Energy to acquire a 51% share of their Simply Blue Energy Kinsale venture, which was set up to develop the Emerald Project, a floating wind farm in the Celtic Sea, off the south coast of Ireland. The total installed capacity of the project could reach 1 GW.

Shell has also signed a similar agreement with Simply Blue Group to acquire a 51% share of their Western Star venture, which seeks to develop a floating wind farm off the Clare coast in Ireland. The total installed capacity of the project could reach 1.35 GW.

Groix and Belle-Ile pilot wind farm, FEFGBI / Naval Energies
FEFGBI / Naval Energies

Groix & Belle-Île pilot wind farm, France

In 2019 Shell acquired Eolfi, a French renewable energies developer specialising in floating offshore wind projects. Alongside the addition of floating wind expertise to the team, the acquisition added the Groix & Belle-Île pilot wind farm to our portfolio, which is being developed off the coast of Brittany with an expected installed capacity of 28.5 megawatts once complete.

MunmuBaram, South Korea

Shell is an 80% shareholder in the MunmuBaram floating wind project in South Korea. In 2021 Shell and CoensHexicon established a Joint Venture which aims to develop and operate a 1.3-gigawatt floating offshore wind farm off the coast of the city of Ulsan in South Korea. In March 2022, the JV received all electric business licenses for the project.

Onshore Wind, USA

Onshore wind farm

Wind farms in operation

Whitewater Hill, California, USA

Shell co-owns Whitewater Hill with US renewables company Terra-Gen. The wind farm located north-west of Palm Springs, California, has an installed capacity of 61.5 megawatts and is estimated to produce enough energy to power around 12,000 US homes.

Cabazon, California, USA

Cabazon, also co-owned with Terra-Gen, is a 41-megawatt wind farm located in the San Gorgonio Pass west of Palm Springs, California. The project is estimated to produce enough electricity to power around 12,000 US homes.

Wind farms under construction

Brazos, Texas, USA

Brazos wind farm is located in Fluvanna, Texas, 112 kilometres (70 miles) south-east of Lubbock, on the Caprock of the Llano Estacado. Shell is a 100% owner and operator of Brazos. The wind farm used to produce 160 megawatts, enough energy to power around 48,000 households. Currently, the wind farm is undergoing repowering and once complete, it is expected to generate 182 megawatts.