Our approach

Shell Ventures targets startups and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from their early stages to their scale and growth phases. It makes minority investments that help to develop new technologies or disruptive business models in areas of strategic interest to Shell’s businesses.

Investing in venture funds and incubators is also critical to expanding our scanning capabilities, making introductions to great companies and potential investment opportunities.

Investment domains

Our investment focus is a mix of oil and gas, renewable energy and cleantech, new fuels for transport, smart mobility and digital.

Oil and gas

We look for technologies or companies that create value on our core business. Would your company help us to be more efficient? Solve a complex problem? Make our operations safer? Bring value to our customers?


We are developing models to support commercial and industrial customers, help residential customers better manage their personal energy use, and review  commercial opportunities to bring power to remote communities. We invest in renewable power generation, which includes wind and solar, innovations in distributed energy solutions and novel storage solutions for renewable energy.

New fuels for transport, connected mobility and freight

We invest across the transport industry in technologies and business models that are revolutionising the way we move the world’s growing number of people and goods, while balancing efforts to reduce CO2 and local emissions.


We are looking at new ways to analyse and interpret data, connect customers with new business models for mobility and energy services, and optimise technologies in the decentralisation of energy systems.

What we can do for you

Shell Ventures is more than a route for capital: we specialise in deployment and scaling-up, and have a team dedicated to implementation and deployment. We can offer companies access to technical and scientific expertise, research and development facilities, and can assist with field trial pilots to further develop and demonstrate concepts. We also provide unique access to a global customer base and to an extensive supplier and contractor network. 

Our investment strategy is to be a significant minority investor – a typical initial investment is $2-5m, with a total of $15-20m over the lifecycle of investment. We will lead or follow funding rounds, which means we actively form syndicates with other venture capital funds and corporate venturing teams. Maintaining excellent relationships with leading venture capital firms is paramount to our success, as they are an important source of high-quality deals. We will continually build and activate our network to create the best opportunity for you and your business.

Our history

Since its inception in 1996, Shell Ventures has adapted to the transformations of the energy industry, operating various different models. In 1996, Shell Technology Ventures (STV) was formed with the mission to create new businesses from technology and ideas that came out of Shell, which in 1998 was broadened to maximize value from the global commercial exploitation of Shell E&P technologies.

In 2007, STV was spun-out from Shell and almost half of STV’s shares were sold to private equity, with a view of maximizing financial return on the portfolio. STV was managed externally by Kenda Capital, along with a substantial portfolio of start-up investments and Shell spin-outs, on behalf of its shareholders. In 2012 we brought STV back into Shell and build a new organization to closely connect innovative startups with our Projects and Technology (P&T) organization, while also making some investments in renewable energy technologies.

In 2016, Shell Technology Ventures moved from P&T into our New Energies organisation to bring its experience in renewable and digital venturing in closer alignment with Shell’s emerging business. It remains part of New Energies today, with strong connections to Shell's core businesses, developing opportunities for future business growth.

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