Today Shell’s first hydrogen refuelling point for buses became operational at Qbuzz bus depot Peizerweg in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands. Shell was appointed by Public Transport Agency OV- bureau Groningen Drenthe to build the subsidy-free hydrogen refuelling point and Shell will also supplies the hydrogen. The hydrogen refuelling point can serve up to 20 Qbuzz hydrogen buses.

Hydrogen can play a major role in decarbonizing transport and this is a pioneering project at a stage where the hydrogen market and infrastructure are still in their infancy. Shell uses green ‘certified’ hydrogen at the station, until we are able to produce green hydrogen ourselves in the vicinity of the station. Shell will continue to provide ongoing management of refuelling station to ensure optimum delivery.

“This new site adds to Shell’s network of passenger car refuelling stations in the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the UK and will help to give confidence to fleet owners that there are and will be viable refuelling options for when they make the switch to lower-carbon fuels.” says Lisa Montanari, Hydrogen Commercial Manager at Shell Nederland.

The hydrogen refuelling point was opened by Groningen Provincial Executive Fleur Gräper – van Koolwijk, Gerrit Spijksma, director of QBuzz and Lisa Montanari, Hydrogen Commercial Manager Shell Nederland.

Hydrogen buses offer a solution for the longer distances of regional transport. Refuelling takes about 10 minutes and with a full tank of 25 kilos of hydrogen, the buses can travel over 400 kilometers. The only emissions coming from the bus's exhaust is water vapor.

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