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Shell and partners open first Dutch bio-LNG plant

October 14, 2021

The newly opened bio-LNG plant is the fruit of collaboration between Shell, Nordsol and Renewi. It is expected that it will produce an estimated 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG per year, preventing the emission of more than 14.3 kilotons of fossil CO2.

Shell signs deals to drive development of UK utility-scale solar generation

October 4, 2021

Shell has signed deals with two of the UK’s leading solar PV developers to support the establishment of new utility-scale solar PV projects in the UK.

Shell starts production at Shell New Energies Junction City, its first US renewable natural gas facility

September 28, 2021

Shell has successfully achieved startup and production of renewable natural gas (RNG) at its first US biomethane facility, Shell New Energies Junction City in Oregon.

Shell to launch Singapore’s first fully-electric ferry service

September 22, 2021

Shell has awarded a contract to Singapore company Penguin, to design, build and operate at least three fully-electric ferries which, when operational, will be the first such service in Singapore and a first for Shell globally.

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Our projects around the world

Our projects around the world

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