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Refuelling with LNG is easy & safe

Considering the switch from diesel to Shell LNG? Make sure you understand the basics when it comes to refuelling. Once you do and your drivers follow the correct safety procedures, refuelling with LNG can be as simple, safe and secure as using diesel for your heavy-duty vehicles.

Shell LNG and BioLNG for Road

As a cleaner burning fuel, Shell LNG and BioLNG can help accelerate the road freight industry’s decarbonisation journey. But the benefits don’t stop there. Learn how LNG and bioLNG can also rival diesel when it comes to fuel costs, performance and noise reduction.

LNG News & Insights

The LNG refuelling network is constantly expanding and breakthroughs are occurring at a rapid pace, particularly regarding bioLNG. Whether you are an existing Shell LNG customer, or starting to consider switching from diesel, don’t miss the latest news and updates about LNG for the transport industry.