Download the Shell LNG Outlook 2022

The Outlook in full explores LNG supply and demand in 2021 and emerging future trends.

The Shell LNG Outlook 2022 factsheet

A concise summary of the key points featured in this year’s Outlook.

The Shell LNG Outlook media release

Read the full media release of this year’s Outlook.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

We cool natural gas to make a liquid, shrinking its volume 600 times for easy shipping to distant markets.

Natural gas

We are helping to power lives around the world with natural gas, the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon.

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LNG for transport

Liquefied natural gas can be a cost-competitive and cleaner fuel for heavy-duty road transport, shipping and industrial users. 

Floating LNG

FLNG technology can tap into gas resources from underwater gas fields previously too challenging to reach.

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Do you have a great idea or innovative technology? We look for creative people, companies and organisations to partner with.