At Shell we recognise it’s not always easy for drivers living in the centre of large cities to easily access charging – particularly those living in apartments or homes without parking – and so we’re developing new solutions to meet their needs. In January 2021, we acquired ubitricity which provides EV charging through lamp posts and in December we opened our first EV charging hub where petrol and diesel pumps at an existing fuel station have been completely replaced with ultra-rapid charge points.

Shell’s growing public EV charging network


In a global pilot, we’ve converted one of our existing sites to cater solely for EVs for the first time. The site in Fulham, London features nine high-powered, ultra-rapid 175kW charge points which can charge most vehicles* up to 80% within 30 minutes.1

The hub includes a comfortable seating area, free Wi-Fi, a Costa Coffee cafe and an extensive Little Waitrose & Partners supermarket.

Shell Fulham features a sustainable design including a canopy that is built from sheets of timber, solar panels built into the canopy and the roof and shop from double glazing with high insulating properties. Like all of Shell’s EV chargers in the UK, including at over 100 Shell forecourts, the chargers at Shell Fulham run on 100% certified renewable electricity.2

"EV drivers are looking for a charging experience that is as fast, convenient and comfortable as possible. This is exactly what Shell Fulham aims to offer."

István Kapitány, Executive Vice President of Shell Mobility

István Kapitány, Shell’s Global Executive Vice President for Mobility said, “EV drivers are looking for a charging experience that is as fast, convenient and comfortable as possible. This is exactly what Shell Fulham aims to offer. It joins our growing network of Shell Recharge sites at forecourts and other locations, our ubitricity on-street charging network and our Shell Recharge Solutions for homes and businesses as we increasingly help EV drivers to charge wherever they need it. It also gives us all a glimpse into the future of mobility.”


Shell Recharge is Shell’s growing public charging network serving customers in a growing number of countries globally. By 2025, Shell aims to operate over 500,000 charge points globally.

Beyond our forecourts, we aim to serve EV drivers where and when they need to charge. That is why we are extend our EV charging network to third party destinations like supermarkets, on-street charging through ubitricity and at EV-only mobility hubs.

Our mobility hubs are dedicated to EV and low carbon fuel customers and offer additional products and services designed to serve more of the needs of our customers, including convenience retail and other services.

Our first mobility hub launched in 2020 in Xi’an, China and we have continued to add new locations based on customer demand. In Paris, our first European EV Mobility Hub for business customers was opened in 2021 providing eight rapid chargers for businesses such as fleets, taxi drivers and commercial vehicle operators.

1 Charging speed depends on the vehicle and battery. Actual charging speeds may vary based on the state of the battery and ambient temperature.

2 Our renewable electricity is certified by REGOs, meaning that all electricity Shell purchases to supply our Shell Recharge sites is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK.

(* These figures are based on an initial state of charge of the battery of 20%).

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