Our world today is exciting, dynamic and fast moving. How can the world’s energy systems evolve from now, to achieve a better life for all with a healthy planet? Together we must meet this challenge the way humans always do - innovating with optimism and ingenuity, through collaboration between all players in society. We believe that together we can #makethefuture today.

Bright energy Ideas in Action

Back to the future

As the world’s waste mounts, a Shell pilot plant in Bangalore, India, will turn rubbish into petrol or diesel that can power cars.

Increase access to energy for more people

Empowering a community through footsteps

Innovative ideas can change the way we power communities. Shell took a rundown football pitch in a favela Rio de Janerio and powered it with kinetic and solar energy. It’s time to see if it worked.

Breathing more easily

Around 700 million Indians still rely on solid fuels like coal, dung and crop residue for cooking. These often take many hours to source and can be harmful to inhale.

Young lady coming out of energy zob

Make the Future Singapore - opens on shell.com.sg

Make the Future Singapore – A festival of ideas and innovation for Asia - takes place at the Changi Exhibition Centre from March 8-11, 2018.

Learn more about Make the Future Singapore

Make the Future

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