Founded in 1996, Shell GameChanger provides start-ups and businesses with a quick and cost-efficient way to show the technical and commercial viability of their technology idea or business plan.

Disruptive ideas can exist anywhere, so we continuously scout for start-ups with unproven and unusual technology ideas in their early stage of development.

Shell GameChanger has interacted with more than 5,000 innovators around the world, helping them turn more than 150 ideas into reality. We are ready to take a chance on yours. 

Do you fit the profile?

  • You are a start-up or business with an early-stage technology idea;
  • You are looking for pre-seed or seed funding, expert knowledge and guidance to prove the viability of your concept and business plan;
  • You are motivated to develop your idea into the next big game changer that adds value to our business and the energy future;
  • And most importantly, you are ready to collaborate. If you recognise yourself in this profile, submit your idea and start your journey with us.

New call for solutions: Open path optical gas sensing 

Identifying sources of methane emissions is key to early remedial actions. To address this industry-wide challenge, Shell GameChanger is seeking to work together with start-ups who are working on radically new, 24/7 monitoring solutions that can automatically identify methane sources and report their mass emissions rates. 

Call for solutions: Open path optical gas sensing

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Open Call for Solutions

In addition to our targeted call for solutions, GameChanger is interested in a wide variety of early-stage technology ideas. Find out more about our areas of interest or submit your idea directly via the form below.

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When evaluating ideas we look at four key areas:

  1. We check for novelty: is your idea fundamentally different and unproven?
  2. We look at the potential value: could your idea create substantial new value if it works?
  3. We ask “Why Shell?”: is your idea relevant to Shell and the energy future?
  4. We test your plan: can the concept be proven quickly and affordably?

We will review your proposal and will contact you to let you know if it meets our criteria. Find out more about the GameChanger step-by-step process.

Disruptive ideas brought to life

Kite power

Blue parachute in the sky
Soaring potential: KPS believes it can challenge wind turbine technology

Kite power: no longer a flight of fancy

Kite Power Solutions (KPS) takes decade-old kite technology and adapts it for power generation.

GameChanger has collaborated with KPS for a number of years, helping them assemble the right skills and forge a path to make their technology deployable. Recently it has led to funding from E.On, Schlumberger and Shell.

Brent Sonar Sphere

Image of the four Brent platforms
The Brent platforms: Alpha, Brent, Charlie and Delta

Eyes at the bottom of the sea

GameChanger facilitated a collaboration between the Brent Decommissioning Team and NASA, with the support of the Hunters Network by providing some initial funding to get started. 

The collaboration led to the Brent Sonar Sphere, an innovative solution that gave the Decommissioning Team crucial information about the vessels and the sediments at the bottom of the sea.

X-ray vision

X-ray vision

Daniel Pusiol, an expert in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), proposed adapting NMR techniques to measure commingled fluid flow (oil, gas and water) in pipes. GameChanger helped Daniel develop the concept into a prototype, the “flowmeter”.

Working with Daniel, Matthias Appel, Shell’s team leader for rock and fluid physics, found a way to apply the technology of medical MRI scanners to make images of fluids in rock, providing the business with an X-ray vision when producing hydrocarbons.


How a rubber toy led to longer field lives

Sometimes inspiration can strike in unexpected ways. For Shell Senior Research Scientist Erik Cornelissen, it was a rubber dinosaur toy that expanded when placed in water that first inspired him. 

Erik went on to invent a synthetic rubber seal that swells on contact with water. Unlike the toy dinosaur, the seal, which is used inside wells, can withstand enormous heat and pressure underground. At aging offshore oil fields, his invention has proven to be invaluable to separate water from oil, lengthen a field’s productive life. It is now used widely in the industry.

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