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Creating a fair and equitable energy transition

We believe innovations that create social benefits are needed to address the challenges emerging from the energy transition.

This programme exists to support and scale business models and technologies that protect the planet for future generations and provide access and benefits to all, supporting people and their communities.

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Focus for 2022

With both the world's economy and urban population set to double by 2050, transporting more people and more products responsibly is a fundamental development challenge.

In realising solutions for the future of mobility, we must ensure sustainable innovation across the entire lifecycle of mobility, from production to use to end-of-life.



Reduce carbon emissions

Decarbonise urban mobility by reducing our global transport emissions and providing cleaner power options.

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Eliminate waste through intelligent production design, reuse and recycle at end-of-life for all mobility products and applications.

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Vitality, access & inclusion

Provide greater opportunities for all by designing inclusive, affordable, and accessible mobility options that enable people and products to move around equitably.

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Lifetime wellbeing

Support the enablement of people by providing solutions that help overcome difficulties relating to health, happiness, and safety (physically & digitally) in mobility.


The Social Impact programme is delivered in partnership with Microsoft, AVL, and Startupbootcamp. The curriculum helps develop business models that resonate with investors, tests the commercial viability of the business, and strengthens credibility with customers, partners, and investors globally.

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Expertise & Opportunities

A fixed-term (3-6 months) structured tested curriculum with access to resources for startups at different stages.

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Global Mentoring & Networking

Access to a global startup ecosystem of industry partners, experts, investors, customers, corporates, and alumni.

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Trust & Validation

Established demo days and events to showcase the business, providing credibility and investor confidence.


We’re looking for Europe-based startups, who are Pre-Series A, with technology that is tested/proven, but may or may not be commercialised, within the domain of mobility.

Eligibility criteria

  • Focused on one of our impact areas

  • Have a Minimum Viable Product established

  • Operating for less than 5 years

  • Revenue €0-€50M

  • Balance sheet €0-43M

  • 0-250 staff



In collaboration with:




Shell StartUp Engine

The Shell StartUp Engine is a global innovation programme for early to mid-stage energy startups looking to develop their capabilities and power business growth within the smart energy landscape.

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