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Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam and Co-location to accelerate Innovation

The Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam is a collaborative community housed in a state of the art, sustainable building that reflects the common ambition to offer innovative solutions for the energy transition. Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam enables clean tech entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and accelerate energy solutions.

Ferry Winter, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam Director; Paul den Dekker, Global Manager at Databricks, Strategic Growth Director at Kongsberg Digital and Arthur Jurgens VP, Oil & Gas Sales and Account Director at C3 AI

12:15 – 13:00

Start-up Pitching Competition

Storage and dispatching of energy

Meet the start-ups working on the next big idea that could revolutionise storage and dispatching of power, hydrogen, and heat. - Antora EnergyClean Power LimitedCO-ZElectrified Thermal SolutionGeyser Batteries, and Icarus RT. See them pitch their solution to a jury of experts and investors.

Rishabh Chopra, Information and Data Analyst at Shell - with judges: Lior Weizman, Director, SAP.iO Rising Stars, SAP; Brian Carey, Strategic Growth Director Kongsberg Digital; and Guy Gueritz, EMEA Energy Business Development Leader NVIDIA

13:00-13:45 Masterclass: Climate innovation partnerships – 3 keys to unlocking success

In 2021, annual global greenhouse gas emissions rebounded 6.4 percent to a new record, eclipsing the pre-pandemic peak, as global economic activity resumed. Tackling this problem requires innovation and impactful partnerships. What does it take to form and drive successful climate innovation partnerships?

Shelley McCain, Global Manager Enterprise Accounts – Tech & Telecom Sector Decarbonisation, Shell; Vahid "Tiger" Khamsi, SVP, COO & Head of Industry Transformation at SAP; Osmar Polo, MD, CEO and Chairman of the Board of T-Systems Iberia ; Alaina Bookstein Head of Strategic Partnerships, Energy & Utilities

13:00 - 13:30 How can Gen Z help drive corporate innovation strategy The Knowledge Society (TKS) are the next generation of innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs who want to solve the world's biggest problems. Join these TKS high school students Alexander Yevchenko and Jacob Appleton interviewing Dan Jeavons, Vice President Computational Science and Digital Innovation for multi-generational views on the energy transition and how to tap into Gen Z to contribute to the solution.
13:30-14:00 Digital technology enabling renewable energy solutions

Digital technology is a key enabler to design and operate low carbon footprint energy systems - coordinating power systems with growing shares of renewable energy with better forecasting, greater coordination, and more flexible consumption. Find out how Shell is using digital to grow our renewable energy business.

Gerben de Jong, Senior Vice President & CIO – Integrated Gas and Renewable Energy Solutions at Shell

14:00-14:30 Immersion Cooling – pushing the boundaries for reducing energy use while increasing performance at data centres

As the demand for data, data centre services and Edge computing increase exponentially, Shell is teaming up with the industry leaders to develop integrated immersion cooling solutions that contribute with the decarbonization of the data centre industry.

Eduardo David de Azevedo, Business Development Manager E-Fluids at Shell

14:30-15:00 Synergising Energy & Tech for a Sustainable Future

As digitalisation across virtually all parts of society drives rapid growth for data, the need to manage associated environmental impacts grows with it. Now is the time for society to build solutions. Tech companies are already taking actions, but what are the complexities given the macro landscape, and how can collaboration, innovation, and sheer determination drive effective and viable solutions?

Abhishek Dhingra, Global Account Manager at Shell

15:30-16:00 Career Journey is not a straight line

A career isn’t likely going to be a linear path of vertical growth. Thinking about the next steps of your career? Asked expert from our community for their most critical pieces of advice for fulfilling, proactive professional growth. How do we stay resilient, how can we be empowered to thrive and continue to progress?

Gerben de Jong, GM Renewables & Energy Solutions at Shell; Dan Jeavons, Vice President Computational Science and Digital Innovation at Shell; Karina Fernandez, GM Emerging Digital Technologies at Shell

16:00-17:00 Tech Talent Happy Hour and Networking Reception Join us for an in-person Happy Hour Networking Reception. Enjoy some complimentary refreshments as you network with your peers and hear from experts and leaders about their inspirational and career journeys.


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11:45-12:00 Smart Agriculture call for solutions

Shell and SVG Ventures THRIVE are working together to identify disruptive technologies and solutions to decarbonise the agriculture sector. Join this session to hear more about the Climate-Smart Agriculture Challenge.

Akilah Leblanc, GM Commercial Innovation Partnerships Shell and Danny O’Brien Managing Director of EMEA & Global Programs at SVG Ventures – THRIVE.

12:00-12:30 Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam and Co-location to accelerate Innovation

The Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam is a collaborative community housed in a state of the art, sustainable building that reflects the common ambition to offer innovative solutions for the energy transition. Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam enables clean tech entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and accelerate energy solutions.

Ferry Winter, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam Director; Paul den Dekker, Global Manager at Databricks, Strategic Growth Director at Kongsberg Digital and Arthur Jurgens VP, Oil & Gas Sales and Account Director at C3 AI

12:30-13:00 Blockchain to decarbonise the aviation sector. 

Learn more about Avelia, one of the world’s first blockchain-powered digital sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) book-and-claim solutions for business travel. It allows airlines and businesses to aggregated demand for these low carbon fuels to help the aviation sector to transition to net-zero emissions.

Laura Foulquier Blockchain Tech SME at Shell, Paul Thomas. Managing Director - Multi-Party Systems, Blockchain Lead EMEA at Accenture and Robbie Blamire, Senior Manager (Technology Incubation Energy Transition) at Accenture

13:00-13:30 Can digitalisation and AI accelerate the energy transition? 

The energy industry is going through a double transformation. One is decarbonization, the other is digital transformation. We now know that the energy system will need to change substantially in the coming decades. But what role will digital technology and AI play? And how do we get there faster? Experts from C3 and Shell will share how they are working together to develop AI to support sustainability.

Hari Ramani, GM Digital Innovation at Shell and Ilya Berchenko. Engagement Director C3 AI

13:30-14:00 How to transition your skill set to be better positioned for the future

It's time to future proof your skill set for the decades ahead. Critical skills are shifting and adaptability and flexibility to reskill and upskill will be key for your future career. Hear from Syrie Crouch on her personal learning journey and key tips which may help yours.

Syrie Crouch, VP Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage at Shell

14:00-14:30 How can corporates and start-ups collaborate successfully?

Hear from Incubators/Accelerators, start-ups and venture capitalists on how corporates and start-ups can form mutually beneficial relationships. What role can corporates play to help start-ups mature and scale faster? And how can start-ups partner with corporates while keeping their identity and culture?

Geert van de Wouw, VP Shell Ventures; Lior Weizman Director, SAP.iO Rising Stars, SAP; Rune Thiel CEO at Rockstart

14:30-15:00 What I wish I had known before working with large enterprise?

Hear from start-ups founders about their experience working with large enterprises at different stages of their maturation journey.

Akilah Leblanc, GM Commercial Innovation Partnerships at Shell ; Finno Exergy; Siddharth Hande, CEO and Founder at Kabadiwalla Connect; Ed Mitchard, Chief Technology officer and co-founder at Space Intelligence

15:00 - 16:00 New Energy Challenge Finals and public choice award Jointly organized by Rockstart, Shell, Unknown Group and YES!Delft, the New Energy Challenge is a yearly open innovation competition. Meet the finalist start-ups and scale-ups that are developing emerging technologies and digital solutions in the fields of energy-efficiency and carbon capture, storage, and utilisation. Vote for the finalist of your choice for the public choice award!
16:00-17:00 New Energy Challenge Winners Announcement and awards ceremony and celebration and entrepreneurs Celebrate with the winner and finalists of the New Energy Challenge


Time Topic Details
11:45-12:00 Getting to Zero: delivering Integrated solutions to decarbonise your business

Understand why targeting emissions across the value chain is critical and insights into how these can be addressed.

Benedetto Forlani, Enterprise Account Manager at Shell


Start-up Pitching Competition

Digital and low carbon technologies

Meet the start-ups working on the next big idea in digital and low carbon technologies and services. – CogniTensorFinno exergyKabadiwalla ConnectQuanterra, and Space Intelligence. See them pitch their solution to a jury of experts and investors.

Rishabh Chopra, Information and Data Analyst Shell host - with judges: Brian Carey, Strategic Growth Director at Kongsberg Digital, Ilya Berchenko. Engagement Director at C3 AI; and Anestis Pontikakis, Customer Success Engineer Databricks.

13:00-13:30 Demonstrating an AI-infused digital twin 

We are reimaging and redefining how our people view and experience 'work'. We aim to remove and automate tasks that do not honour the capability of our team; leverage the vast amounts of data we generate to drive intelligent insights and optimize energy efficiency; implement technology solutions to remove our people from hazardous areas and minimize emissions. Hear from our team how we are leveraging an AI infused Digital Twin to radically redefine a traditional business and support the energy transition.

Neala Mark, Excellence Engineer/Specialist at Shell and James Maguire, Digital & Business Transformation Mgr at Shell supported experts from Kongsberg Digital and C3 AI

13:30-14:00 Meet the Guru - Innowatts

Meet expert from Innowatts who will answer your questions how AI can help energy retailers, utilities and grid operators unlock meter-level data, understand their customers and make businesses processes automated and smarter.

Dave Boundy, CTO and General Manager Europe at Innowatts.

14:00-14:45 Masterclass - The Digital Transformation Imperative
Masterclass Room 1
Digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of an organisation, that touches on all processes, people, and technology to fundamentally enhance business performance. What's needed to deliver digitalisation? What role can it play in accelerating and enhancing the energy transition? Where does AI fit in? And can the informational transparency afforded by digitalisation improve company nimbleness? How might technologies like digital twins and AI help unlock new opportunities for business transformation? Hear from Tom Siebel, C3 AI CEO and Dan Jeavons, Vice President Digital Innovation and Computational Science.
14:00-14:30 Open source driving innovation

Open Source is becoming increasingly important to driving innovation through a wider eco-system. Learn more about how Shell is contributing to open source, to benefit the energy industry and beyond.

Bryce Bartmann, Chief Digital Technology Advisor at Shell.

14:30-15:00 Top-down communication for technologists Moving from academia to business presents many challenges, not least in terms of expected communication style. The ability to speak to senior leadership in a way they can understand is critical to success in any organisation. This session by Amy Challen, GM Artificial Intelligence at Shell, covers strategies for successful communication for technologists.
15:00-15:30 Meet the Gurus -

Meet experts from who will answer your questions on artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms. are a leading enterprise AI software provider for building enterprise-scale AI applications and accelerating digital transformation.

Arthur Jurgens, VP, Oil & Gas Sales and Account Director and Ilya Berchenko, Engagement Director at C3 AI.

15:30-16:00 Meet the Gurus - Kongsberg

Meet experts from Kongsberg who will answer your questions on digital twins. Kongsberg are an industrial SaaS-software company helping customers automate work and drive value over the entire asset lifecycle.

Luke Kendall, Vice President Solutions & Industrial Applications and Brian Carey Strategic Growth Director, Kongsberg Digital at Kongsberg Digital.

16:00-16:30 Meet the Gurus - Databricks

Meet experts from Databricks who will answer your questions on data lakehouse architecture and artificial intelligence. As the world’s first and only lakehouse platform in the cloud, Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data and AI.

Paul Den Dekker, Team Lead and Global Manager and Anestis Pontikakis, Customer Success Engineer at Databricks.


Our start-up island

Meet entrepreneurs working with Shell under our entrepreneurship and innovation programs and learn how they are breaking new ground for the energy system. With varying degrees of technology and business maturity our partners highlight the diversity and richness of Shell’s co-innovation ecosystem. As we accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions, we believe it remains important to learn from others, make the most of our collective strengths and find the best ways of doing business.

Wednesday 2ⁿᵈ November- Better storing and dispatching energy

  • Antora Energy logo

    Antora Energy (invited by Shell Ventures)

    Antora Energy is electrifying heavy industry with zero-carbon heat and power, making it possible and profitable to fully rely on renewable energy for industrial processes. Antora’s thermal energy storage stores excess solar and wind electricity by heating blocks of carbon and later redistributed as electricity or industrial process heat up to 1500°C.

    Antora Energy

  • BBBLS logo

    BBBLS (invited by YES!Delft)

    BBBLS develops a next generation greenhouse design for growing food with unprecedented energy efficiency. they uses an innovative method of providing dynamic insulation and shading for greenhouses with soap bubbles.


  • Cheesecake Energy logo

    Cheesecake Energy (invited by Shell GameChanger)

    Cheesecake Energy is developing an innovative energy storage technology using thermal energy storage and compressed air. They lower the cost of medium to long-duration energy storage, by repurposing long-lasting, proven industrial components from existing automotive, oil and gas equipment supply chains.

    Cheesecake Energy

  • Clean Power Limited logo

    Clean Power Limited (invited by Shell GameChanger)

    Clean Power develops next generation low cost, highly durable hydrogen fuel cells for stationary power, combined heat & power and transport. Their fuel cells technology significantly reduce the amount of platinum catalyst required thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership of zero emission power systems.

    Clean Power Limited

  • CO-Z logo

    CO-Z (invited by Shell GameChanger)

    CO-Z, formerly Hygge Power, provide a range of home products and digital solutions to smartly manage domestic power supply and consumption. Their deep tech energy products and services range from plug-and-play energy storage, energy forecast app, to power artificial intelligence for comfort optimization.


  • Electrified Thermal Solution logo

    Electrified Thermal Solutions (invited by Shell GameChanger)

    Electrified Thermal Solutions supports the decarbonization of industry with renewable heat. Their Joule Hive™ thermal battery converts and stores cheap, renewable electricity as high-temperature heat, reducing operating costs and emissions of any co-located industrial plant.

    Electrified Thermal Solutions

  • Geyser Batteries logo

    Geyser Batteries (invited by Shell GameChanger)

    Geyser Batteries offers sustainable high-power heavy-duty energy storage solutions based on their proprietary water-based electrolyte. They deliver a new class of batteries through disruptive electrochemistry combining the principles of supercapacitors and batteries in a single electrochemical system.

    Geyser Batteries

  • Icarus RT logo

    Icarus RT (invited by Shell GameChanger)

    Icarus RT’s proprietary technology help solar installations extract, store and use waste heat. This helps operators of commercial solar power farms save money, improve performance and reduce the CO2 emissions of photovoltaic solar array.

    Icarus RT

  • Power to Hydrogen logo

    Power to Hydrogen (invited by Shell GameChanger)

    Power to Hydrogen uses patented electrolysis technology to produce high pressure hydrogen at low-cost for transportation, energy storage, and zero-emission industrial processes.

    Power to Hydrogen

  • Xcharge logo

    Xcharge (invited by Shell Ventures)

    XCharge specializes in High Power Intelligent Charging solutions for electric vehicles. From hardware to software, they provide an all-in-one profitable smart charging solution for business and fleet managers.


All exhibiting startups on day 2 are invited by the New Energy Challenge organized by RockstartShellUnknown Group and YES!Delft . The finale of the challenge will take place and the Shell stand at Web Summit 2022 on Thursday 3rd November 3-5 pm local time.

Thursday 3ʳᵈ November - Improving energy efficiency and carbon capture, storage and utilisation

  • Airovation Technologies logo

    Airovation Technologies

    Airovation has developed a technology to convert CO2 emissions into valuable minerals. Those minerals in turn enable a circular economy, as they can be used as raw materials in the food and feed, agriculture, and glass industries, among others.

    Airovation Technologies

  • Barton Blakeley Technologies logo image

    Barton Blakeley Technologies Ltd

    Barton Blakeley designs, develops & manufactures advanced carbon conversion systems and products of carbon capture. Based on technologies developed by the founder, BBT intends to revolutionise the availability and performance of green energy and materials for everyday products.

    Barton Blakeley Technologies Ltd

  • Carbominer logo


    Carbominer develops a new Direct Air Capture technology to capture CO₂ locally from the ambient air. Their competitive advantages are use of a mix of dry and wet capture, use of electrochemistry for CO₂ regeneration, and ability to harness the intermittent renewable energy.


  • CarbonSpace logo


    CarbonSpace is developing a satellite-powered platform offering an accurate and cost-effective tool for remote tracking of emissions and sequestrations in the land sector. It aims to bring a new level of transparency and unleash the potential of nature-based carbon removal projects.


  • CyanoCapture logo


    CyanoCapture harnesses the power of genetically modified cyanobacteria to deliver affordable carbon sequestration for high-emitting industries. Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic, aquatic microalgae that produce 50% of the world’s oxygen.


  • Energy4Future GmbH logo

    Energy4Future GmbH

    Energy4future is producing biochar on an industrial scale and using it as soil fertiliser for agriculture applications. In all applications, the CO2 captured by the photosynthesis of the used plants will be stored in the soil or the buildings for hundreds of years.

    Energy4Future GmbH

  • NovoCarbo logo


    NovoCarbo operates various pyrolysis sites in Germany, where it transforms biomass/residuals into biochar. It then sells the biochar as fertiliser or additive for material use, as well as the green energy produced during the process and the carbon credits created through the application of the biochar.


  • PYREG GmBh logo

    PYREG GmBh

    PYREG manufactures machines for carbonising organic waste (biomass, sewage sludge) into EBC-certified biochar while generating renewable energy. By the end of 2022, all PYREG’s 50+ plants commissioned worldwide will remove a total of 30,000 tons of CO2 per year.

    PYREG GmBh

  • Qaptis logo


    Qaptis offers a Plug-and-Play solution to capture 90% of carbon emissions from the exhausts of heavy-duty vehicles. The Qaptis CO2 capture kit is simple, low-cost and can be installed on existing vehicles, offering operators the opportunity to start decarbonising now with a de-risked approach.


  • RepAir Dac Ltd logo

    RepAir Dac Ltd

    RepAir develops an affordable, sustainable, and scalable DAC system that consumes only one-third of the energy required by alternative DAC technologies. RepAir’s solution is based on an electrochemical device that utilises electrical current to separate CO₂ molecules from the air.

    RepAir Dac Ltd

Friday 4ᵗʰ November - Innovating digital and low carbon technologies

  • Chooose logo

    Chooose (invited by Shell Ventures)

    CHOOOSE enables businesses to seamlessly integrate carbon offset options into any digital channel experience or loyalty program, providing transparency and empowering customers to manage, monitor and offset their carbon footprint.


  • CogniTensor logo

    CogniTensor (invited by Shell India E4 program)

    CogniTensor has created a blueprint technology which incorporates Automation, Analytics and AI all in one to provide accelerated development and deployment. They build and deploy fully customizable and end-to-end applications to optimize enterprise data.


  • Deloq logo

    Deloq (invited by Shell GameChanger)

    Deloq deliver a cost-effective open-path laser spectroscopic sensor that allows for continuous monitoring, accurate leak localization and quantification. Their technology allow today's oil and gas infrastructure to reduce their operational emissions of greenhouse gases.