Building strong and resilient companies during the energy transition, will require a conscious development of collaborative relationships that will actively drive transformation. To help suppliers meet their emissions reduction ambitions, Shell introduces the Supplier Energy Transition Hub. The Hub allows Shell's partners in the supply chain to share their data and work together on lowering their carbon emissions.

The Hub is not a calculator, which makes it different from the majority of decarbonisation platforms currently on offer. It works on the premise of collating the corporate emissions data provided and mapping out a potential pathway to reaching the desired ambition within the designated timeframe.

The Hub’s focus is industry specific and thus allows it to make comparisons based on the relevant sector. The platform will facilitate Shell working together with its suppliers to provide alternative low-carbon energy solutions, as well as jointly develop innovative responses to accelerate energy transition.


“The Supplier Energy Transition Hub is a great example that it is not just technology, but collaboration that will drive transformation to net-zero emissions,” says Harry Brekelmans, Projects and Technology (P&T) Director.

The collaborative theme underpins the Hub’s architecture and is at the heart of its operational core. It was influenced by a group of 50 Shell suppliers, who took part in a pilot and shared their thoughts and ideas on the Hub with the design team over the past 6 months.

“Baker Hughes welcomes the opportunity to participate in this pilot program as we move forward together in the energy transition and commend Shell’s forward thinking in offering a platform that focuses on suppliers’ emissions reductions ambitions,” says Heidi Stehling, Supply Chain Sustainability Leader at Baker Hughes. “We share the view that it takes close collaboration across supply chains and combined action to make meaningful progress on our net-zero carbon commitments.”

Sun Fat Chua, General Manager PCA Group: “We are now much clearer how we want to reduce our carbon emissions. The Supplier Energy Transition Hub has helped us to better understand our emissions and to have a direction how we can address these emissions. I especially value the simulation tools to see by how much we can reduce our emissions. I hope we can use the Hub for our own vendors in future as well.”

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