Digital technology has reset customer expectations around convenience, service, speed and a seamless experience. Strong data-enabled customer connections and deep insight of their needs are imperative to customer centric organisations like Shell. Intelligent systems are altering our relationships with customers. By treating every customer as an individual, we are better able to deliver a personalised and more convenient service.

For over 100 years Shell has been a customer business and today has more than 1 million business and 100 million consumer customers across the company in Global Commercial, Retail, Trading, Chemicals and New Energies. Historica​​lly, our offers have been hydrocarbon products, but with non-fuels retailing, new fuels, eMobility, and data enabled services and solutions, they are evolving and becoming more integrated. Increasing customer sophistication and expectation requires a more data driven approach to enable targeted offers, efficient communication, and a seamless experience both online and in the physical world.

Shell is engaging with their customers on decarbonization and sustainability needs. Many of our customers and suppliers are in industries which face significant challenges in meeting their sustainability targets. Digital technologies allow us to thrive through the transition to lower-carbon energy as they are an important tool for monitoring and improving energy efficiency, both for Shell and our customers. 

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Distributed energy

In 2019, Shell acquired sonnen, which gives residential customers a smart system that allows them to generate energy through solar panels, store it using onsite lithium batteries, then supply their own homes in the most efficient way. The sonnen system incorporates active energy management with smart metering to discharge stored energy when it is needed. It also allows sonnen users to draw on surplus energy stored in other sonnen homes. In 2019, Shell acquired the UK digital platform Limejump. It manages independent commercial assets remotely, helping firms that generate electricity –including via wind turbines and solar panels –or operate batteries to optimise their sales of electricity to the grid.

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Enhanced personalisation in customer rewards

Shell is working to reward customer loyalty in fuel and nonfuel purchases at its Retail sites. We have introduced an AI-based system that personalises offers to customers. Shell Go+ is the new customer reward programme from Shell UK and is part of a move towards broader interaction with Shell customers that extends far beyond loyalty in vehicle refuelling. The Shell Go+ loyalty programme uses generalised information regarding customers’ behaviour and machine-learning methods to identify individual customer’s preferences and to reward them, in a way that is personalised and beneficial to the customer.

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Connected Freight

Connected Freight digitises and optimises logistics by providing customers with transparency of B2B logistics data, optimisation of delivery routes and outsourcing to third party drivers. Connected Freight connects a network of retailers, suppliers and third-party logistic providers providing an integrated and systematic process for order, dispatch and fulfilment of deliveries. Visit Connected Freight

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Helping customers to plan a marine lubricant supply strategy

AccuPort is a digital ordering and inventory management product that tracks vessel lubricant consumption and real-time locations to optimise delivery. It simplifies ordering and makes tracking and reporting more transparent. Accuport reduces the time for lubricant procurement for customers enabling a faster and quicker turnaround in port. Visit Accuport

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MachineMax helps our customers track and manage heavy equipment (with varying levels of machine connectivity) with the aim of improving productivity and reducing costs, in the greenest way possible, for every machine in their fleet. The MachineMax full-stack offering includes an intuitive digital platform that consolidates all machine data and provides a low power revolutionary IoT sensor for those machines that aren’t connected. The sensor measures machine vibrations and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret the machine utilisation based off its unique vibratory signature. Cloud computing is then used to deliver real-time data and analysis to operators and site managers with an interface that can help customers optimise their fleet operations real-time. Visit MachineMax

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Optimising product formulations on a global scale

Shell produces about five billion litres of lubricants each year using 800 additives and 300 base oils. This range of components and the different needs of each market means that a single product can have up to 30,000 possible formulation combinations.

The BlendRight tool facilitates the complex process of product blending by helping manufacturers to select and combine the right base components and additives to ensure that the final product matches the published specifications. Its optimisation algorithm uses advanced analytics to explore every possible combination for blending and then selects the lowest cost feasible blend under the known constraints for a specific production facility.

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The future of downstream: decarbonisation, collaboration and digitalisation

Keynote speech at the Future Downstream conference, where Carlos Maurer, Executive Vice President, Sectors & Decarbonisation, Shell, outlines and explores three key trends driving downstream businesses.

Adding value to our customers

Shell Energy Europe provides customers with flexible, competitive and innovative products.

Electric vehicle charging

Meeting the charging needs of electric vehicle drivers – at home, at work or on the road. Electric vehicles are expected to play an increasingly important role in transporting people and products.

The age of digital disruption

A new smartphone-based service that delivers fuel to your door is among Shell's latest innovations. It is part of the growing rise of digitalisation across the global economy.



Advanced technology and new business models are disrupting the global energy system. Shell Ventures is at the forefront of these changes. It invests in companies that reduce costs, lower emissions, electrify our energy system and help us gain data-based insights. If your company is in oil and gas, renewable energy, new fuels for transport, connected mobility and freight, or digital, we can help you.

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