Shell has been a pioneer in the development and deployment of digital technologies for decades. Today, we have over 100 AI applications in various stages of development and deployment across our businesses; a data lake with trillions of rows of data and are monitoring thousands of pieces of equipment using machine learning across assets in upstream, downstream manufacturing and integrated gas.

Anyone can develop a small-scale proof of concept with a machine learning model that meets a specific local requirement. But, to make an impact and maintain it at scale solutions are needed which can be deployed globally at a rapid pace. To do this we are standardising approaches and aligning on common data structures, platforms, tools, and ways of working across businesses.

Digitalisation enables process improvements, cost reductions, production increases and increased customer margins across our businesses. In Shell, digital technology is making our operations more effective and efficient.

Shell is also using digitalization and AI to reduce the footprint of its operations. For example, we use AI to improve inventory demand planning, reduce wastage of products and raw materials, and decrease idle time of heavy machinery, and uses AR, robotics and digital twin technologies to reduce the need for travel. AI is also helping Shell offer low-carbon energy solutions to our customers, from AI solutions that reduce the fuel consumption of ships; to smart charging of electric vehicles that optimizes renewable energy use on the grid; to virtual power plants that connect decentralized energy units, from solar to bio-energy to hydropower.

At Shell, we use advanced infrastructure and partner with some of the world’s best tech and cloud providers to accelerate and scale digitalisation across our businesses. We are working with companies like C3 AI, Microsoft and Baker Hughes to build on each other’s strengths to deliver the competitive and affordable technology and to actively participate in the energy transition to lower-carbon economies that can thrive on low-carbon energy systems.

Shell, C3 AI, Baker Hughes, and Microsoft are collaborating on the Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI), an ecosystem of AI solutions to help the energy industry’s digital transformation. By bringing our solutions to market and encouraging others to do the same we hope to accelerate the adoption AI technology across the industry.


Trust in the digital age

At the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden speaks on the need to gain public trust and the importance of transparency and ethical behaviour.

Tracking the future of energy technology

The role of technology in our lives has never been more important. As countries around the world work to reach an agreement at the UN climate conference, Shell Chief Technology Officer Yuri Sebregts speaks about the critical role technology can play in lowering carbon emissions.

More in Digitalisation

Digitalisation in action

Digital technologies are improving the experience of our customers and making Shell a more efficient business. They are increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes by collecting quality data, turning this data into insights and insights into actions that improve the performance of our assets.

Digital Innovation in the energy industry

Shell is a pioneer in the development and deployment of many digital technologies.