Meet the winners of the 2021 edition of Awards and discover the excellent job they do!

2021 Winners of the Awards

For the third year in a row, Shell has hosted the Awards, a company-wide event to celebrate our colleagues who think and dream big to take Shell’s digital transformation to the next level. Congratulations to all the winners!

By Dan Jeavons, Vice President for Digital Innovation and Computational Science on Nov 16, 2021

Our people are the beating heart of our digital transformation. We are excited by the capability and the community we have built. We organise events such as these to recognise the people at the front line who are  driving our digital transformation.

We are on a journey to embed artificial intelligence and digital technologies in every part of our organisation. We are deploying these technologies at scale to help accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions.  This can only happen with a strong community network willing to share and learn.

Many awards from the individual categories went to colleagues who improve their workflows with bespoke digital solutionsI and empower their colleagues to do the same. Congratulations to the winners.

How are the winners selected?

Anyone in Shell can submit a nomination for Awards. A judging panel of senior business leaders and digital subject matter experts shortlists nominations per category. To decide between them, those shortlisted pitched their solutions to the jury.
An internal public voting also took place to select the winners of the “Popular Choice award”.

Winning Individuals

Leading by example

the winner of this category is cheering as he/she finds out the good news

Adam Pagani is the winner of the Leading by Example category. He kick-started a series of bootcamps for citizen developers at Shell’s Norco Manufacturing Complex in the US and is growing a larger community of citizen developers in the Gulf Coast team. Adam won this category due to his relentless effort in eliminating wasteful ways of working using low-code and no-code software applications.

This category rewards leaders who are constantly innovating and guiding their teams with care and empathy

Citizen development pioneers

the winner of this category is cheering as he/she finds out the good news

Annemiek te Boekhorst won in this category for being an early ambassador of citizen development in Shell. She led her team in the development an innovative furnace trimming application for Shell Moerdijk, a chemicals plant in the Netherlands. This bespoke application enables significant reduction in costs and energy consumption at this site.

This category recognizes ambassadors of our citizen software developers programme, who deliver value and demonstrate strong leadership and an innovative approach to solving problem with digital tools.

Citizen development hero

the winner of this category is cheering as he/she finds out the good news

Kimberly Andrus was recognised as a citizen developer hero for digitising ways of working of the maintenance team at Shell’s Norco Manufacturing Complex in the US, thus eliminating several paper-based manual processes. She also stands out with her dedication in training others to become citizen developers.

This category rewards innovators who unlock the value from the data at their disposal.

Data visionary

the winner of this category is cheering as he/she finds out the good news

The award went to Eduardo Ruiz Duarte, a senior data scientist who built several complex algorithms and advanced data models which are now used across the enterprise.

Data visionary recognises data evangelists who are carving a niche space in Shell with their outstanding thoughts and solutions.

Rising star in AI

the winner of this category is cheering as he/she finds out the good news

At Shell, we reward individual initiatives. Neha Sharma has voluntarily demonstrated that our predictive maintenance application for control valve could be extended to other instrument types. The outcome of her work will allow our assets to extend their existing predictive maintenance capabilities to thousands of new pieces of equipment with minimal investment. For this, she received the Rising Star in AI award.

Winning teams

Into the Future

the team members are cheering as they find out they won in this category

Another winning team is Project Sybil, for their network planning tool for electric vehicles chargers. Their work helps our Renewables and Energy Solutions business to select the best locations to install new EV chargers. They won in the Into the Future category for the best use of technologies that support Shell’s corporate strategy of Powering Progress.

Intelligent Automation

the team members are cheering as they find out they won in this category

The team is rewarded for an AI technology which efficiently and accurately analyses satellite imagery. Their solution brought amazing time and cost savings and is already scaled-up and replicated across Shell.

The Intelligent automation award goes to the best automation solutions in Shell that use artificial intelligence technologies.

Code Masters

the team members are cheering as they find out they won in this category

The winners of the Code Masters category are an inspiration of how digitalisation is bringing in sweeping changes to the way our industry works. The Autonomous Integrity Recognition team developed a computer vision platform that uses deep learning to automate the process of detecting critical integrity issues in chemical plants and refineries.

This category rewards excellence in software development.

Build to Adapt

the team members are cheering as they find out they won in this category

The winners of this category - the Autosum team - were selected for their tool which helps understand and communicate risks and uncertainties and, as a result, empowers our decision makers with better insights.

The Build to adapt award goes to the most innovative use of technologies that keep Shell at the forefront of the digitalisation of the energy sector.

These winners earned an additional distinction from the public, as they also earned the “Popular Choice award”.

This year's awards again brought together our AI and citizen developer communities. With over 570 nominations, the Awards are a testimony to our growing communities who make Shell’s digital transformation a reality.

Digital technologies and artificial intelligence are transforming our industry, by improving efficiency and safety as well as facilitating the use of renewable energy. Watch the video below to hear more about why AI matters for Shell.

i Shell. diy is our citizen development program to empower those closest to the business problems to develop bespoke software applications for their daily processes.

Dan Jeavons is the Vice-President for Digitalisation and Computational Science. He has been a key contributor to Shell’s digitalisation transformation.

In 2020 he was listed in the Constellation Research #BT150 and Truata’s Top 100 Data Visionaries.

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