Businesses that harness new data sources and use AI and machine-learning technology to provide insights will be in a strong position to shape future commercial development and influence how society changes. Many of the algorithms behind AI and machine-learning systems are not new but limited volumes of accessible data have hampered their application. The recent explosion in data volumes and availability has led to a step change in the training of algorithms and provided important new insights: easy access to vast data volumes is making AI algorithms smarter.

Mission possible: helping transform energy with digital tech

Ahead of his Web Summit workshop with Tom Siebel, Shell’s Dan Jeavons reflects on the shifting sands of AI and big data.

Podcast: AI in Business Podcast: Energy Sector AI Transformation

In this podcast, Dan Jeavons speaks about using AI to in operations to achieve better business and sustainability outcomes.

Can digitalisation and AI accelerate the energy transition?

We now know that the energy system will need to change substantially in the coming decades. But what role will digital technology and AI play? And how do we get there faster?

Why your business should already be experimenting with industrial AI

Explore practical applications of AI for industrial businesses as we talk to Amy Challen, Shell’s Global Head of AI, about the technology’s exciting potential.

Checking in on nature with AI

Discover how Space Intelligence uses computer vision techniques to predict how well ecosystems absorb carbon dioxide and how Shell helped them mature this technology.

AI and Sustainability – 2021 Web Summit panel

How is AI facilitating the advancement of sustainability? What innovations and systems look set to change the energy landscape? Let’s hear how AI can be a gamechanger.

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Data scientists collaborating Residency programme

In line with its ambition to grow and strengthen our talent pools, Shell has launched its AI Residency Programme, a two-year immersive opportunity designed for students to work on projects across Shell’s business.

The programme offers residents the opportunity to develop deep, technical expertise across the spectrum of AI, learning more about the energy industry and working in agile teams to develop new solutions that can optimise current processes, enable workforce and unlock new business models.

Learn how you can become a Resident

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