Selection of recent publications

Lookahead adversarial learning for near real-time semantic segmentation

Jamali-Rad H., Szabó A., Computer Vision and Image Understanding Volume 212, November 2021, 103271.

Modeling and experimental study on CO2 adsorption in fixed-bed columns: Applications to carbon capture and utilization

Ratnakar R., Shankar S., Agrawal R., Dindoruk B., Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering Volume 94, October 2021.

Development of a Reactive Force Field for CaCl2·nH2O, and the Application to Thermochemical Energy Storage

Heijmansa K., Nab S., Pathak A.D., Nedea S. and Smeulders D., Computational Materials Science Volume 197, September 2021, 110595.

Transient measurement and modeling of integrated capillary viscometer for live oils at high temperatures with volumetric constraints

Ram R. Ratnakar, Birol Dindoruk. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, June 2021, 201: 108462.

Federated Learning with Taskonomy

Jamali-Rad H., Abdizadeh M., Szabó A., ICLR Workshop on Distributed and Private Machine Learning (DPML), May 2021.

Controlling and Optimizing Photoinduced Charge Transfer across Ultrathin Silica Separation Membrane with Embedded Molecular Wires for Artificial Photosynthesis

Hongna Zhang, Ian Weiss, Indranil Rudra, Won Jun Jo, Simon Kellner, Georgios Katsoukis, Elena Galoppini, and Heinz Frei, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, May 2021, Vol. 13, 23532–23546.

Hydrogen supply chain and challenges in large-scale LH2 storage and transportation

Ram R. Ratnakar, Nikunj Gupta, Kun Zhang, Casimir van Doorne, James Fesmire, Birol Dindoruk, Vemuri Balakotaiah, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2021), May 2021.

Carbon Deposition and Permeation on Nickel Surfaces in Operando Conditions: A Theoretical Study

Lei, T., Mao, J., Liu, X., Pathak, A.D., Shetty, S., van Bavel, A.P., Xie, L., Gao, R., Ren, P., Luo, D. and Liu, Q., The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125(13), pp.7166-7177. March 2021.

Acceleration of CFD Based Corrosion Models Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Kuochen Tsai, Huihui Yang and Ligang Lu, AIChE annual meeting, No. 67a. November 2020.

Investigations on 6FDA/BPDA-DAM polymer melt properties and CO2 adsorption using molecular dynamics simulations

Roy, P.K., Kumar, K., Thakkar, F.M., Pathak, A.D., Ayappa, K.G. and Maiti, P.K., 2020. Journal of Membrane Science, 613, p.118377. November 2020.

Machine learning based predictive models for CO2 corrosion in pipelines with various bending angles

Huihui Yang, Ligang Lu and Kuochen Tsai, SPE annual technical conference and exhibition, Paper No. SPE-201275-MS, October 2020.

Multilayer graphene coated vanadium (V) oxide as electrodes for intercalation based brackish water desalination

Baburaj, A., Puthirath, A.B., Jain, A., Palanisamy, D., Salpekar, D., Balachandran, J., Kabbani, M.A., Hernandez, F.R., Hughes, G., Babu, G. and Ajayan, P.M., September 2020. 2D Materials, 7(4), p.045025.

Estimation of Time-lapse Timeshifts using Machine Learning

Yuan S., Duan Y., Hatchell P., Vila J., and Wang K., Society of Exploration Geophysicists Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, Oct. 2020.

Continuous Subsurface Tomography over Cellular Internet of Things

Hadi Jamali-Rad, Vincent van Beveren, Xander Campman, Jo van den Brand, Detlef Hohl, accepted to appear in IEEE Sensors Journal, September 2020.

Theoretical Insights into the Structure and Activity of Cobalt Modulated by Surface and Subsurface Carbon in Operando Conditions

Luo, D., Liu, X., Gao, R., Pathak, A.D., Shetty, S., van Bavel, A.P., Yang, Y., Li, Y.W. and Wen, X.D., August 2020, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124(34), pp.18576-18586.

Mimicking coalescence using a pressure-controlled dynamic thin film balance

Emmanouil Chatzigiannakis, Peter Veenstra, Dick ten Boschb and Jan Vermant Soft Matter, August 2020, Advance Article.

Lookahead Adversarial Semantic Segmentation

Hadi Jamali-Rad, Attila Szabo, Matteo Presutto, accepted at ICML workshop on Uncertainly and Robustness in Deep Learning (UDL), July 2020.

High Bit-Depth Seismic Data Compression: A Novel Codec Under the Framework of HEVC

M. Radosavljevic, Z, Xiang, L. Lu, D. Hohl, D. Vukobratovic, IEEE Access, Vol. 8, July, 2020;

Nonlinear state-space modeling approaches to real-time autonomous geosteering

Yinsen Miao, Daniel R. Kowal, Neilkunal Panchal, Jeremy Vila, and Marina Vannucci, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 189, 107025 June 2020.

Process for real-time geological localization with Kalman Filtering

Neilkunal Panchal, Sami Sultan, Yinsen Miao, Daniel R. Kowal, and Marina Vannucci, Patent publication, June 2020.

Continuous Subsurface Tomography over Cellular Internet of Things

IEEE Sensors Journal, doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2020.2992464. Hadi Jamali-Rad, Vincent van Beveren, Xander Campman, Jo van den Brand, Detlef Hohl, May 2020.

Continuous Subsurface Tomography Over Cellular Internet of Things (IoT) IEEE Sensors Journal

Hadi Jamali-Rad, Vincent van Beveren, Xander Campman, Jo van den Brand, Detlef Hohl, May 2020.

Machine learning platform for processing data map

J. Diaz, B. Zadrozny, B. Carvalh, A. Buoro, M. Komaksson, L. Lu, J. Tolle, D. Hohl, J. Limbeck, US Patent App 16/191112, 5/14/2020;

Deep Neural Network Learning with Second-Order Optimizers -- a Practical Study with a Stochastic Quasi-Gauss-Newton Method

C. Thiele, M. Araya and D. Hohl, 2020 SIAM ICML workshop Beyond First Order Methods in ML Systems.

Effect of Dilution on Acoustic and Transport Properties of Reservoir Fluid Systems

SPE Journal, SPE-190480-PA, Ratnakar, R. R., Lewis, E. J., & Dindoruk, B. (2020).

Signature of elastic turbulence of viscoelastic fluid flow in a single pore throat

Eseosa M. Ekanem, Steffen Berg, Shauvik De, Ali Fadili, Tom Bultreys, Maja Rücker, Jeffrey Southwick, John Crawshaw, and Paul F. Luckham; Phys. Rev. E 101, 042605 – April 2020.

Temperature-Dependent Surface Free Energy and the Wulff Shape of Iron and Iron Carbide Nanoparticles

A Molecular Dynamics Study; Mengjiao Xing, Amar-Deep Pathak, Suchismita Sanyal, Qing Peng, Xingchen Liu, Xiaodong Wen, Applied Surface Science 509, 15 April 2020, 144859

Nucleation and Growth of a Nanobubble on Rough Surfaces

Shantanu Maheshwari, Cor van Kruijsdijk, Suchismita Sanyal and Albert D. Harvey, Langmuir, April 2020, 36, 15, 4108–4115.

First-Principles Characterization and Experimental Validation of the Solid–Solid Interface in a Novel Organosulfur Cathode for the Li–S Battery

Satyanarayana Bonakala, Amar Deep Pathak, Alexey Deyko, Christina Christova, Indranil Rudra, Guy Verbist, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces March 2020, 12, 15, 18101-18109.

Mass diffusivity and thermal conductivity estimation of chloride-based salt hydrates for thermo-chemical heat storage: A molecular dynamics study using the reactive force field

Pathak, A.D., Heijmans, K., Nedea, S., van Duin, A.C., Zondag, H., Rindt, C. and Smeulders, D., March 2020. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 149, p. 119090.

Evaluating the Reactivity of BiVO4 Surfaces for Efficient Electrocatalytic H2O2 Production: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study

Ashish Nadar, Somil Subhashchandra Gupta, Yusuf Kar, Sharan Shetty, Alexander P. van Bavel, and Deepa Khushalani; J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 4152−4161

Psi-PIV: a novel framework to study unsteady microfluidic flow

Experiments in Fluids 61, Article number: 20 (2020)

Impact of Asphaltenes on Contact-Angle Variations and Surface Topography and Composition

Ratnakar, R. R., Mantilla, C. A., & Dindoruk, B. (2020). SPE Journal.

Thermodynamic Modeling of Hydrogen-Water System for High-pressure Storage and Mobility Applications

Ratnakar, R. R., Dindoruk, B., & Harvey, A. (2020). JNGSE, in Review.

On the Prediction of Gas Solubility in Brine Solutions with single or mixed salts: Applications to Gas Injection and CO2 Capture/Sequestration

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering Volume 81, September 2020, 103450, Ratnakar, R. R., Venkatraman, A., Kalra, A., Dindoruk, B. (2020). 

Effect of GOR on Gas Diffusivity in Reservoir-Fluid Systems

SPE Journal. Ratnakar, R. R., & Dindoruk, B. (February 2020).

A comparative analysis of bubble point pressure prediction using advanced machine learning algorithms and classical correlations

X. Yang, B. Dindoruk, L. Lu, , Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Vol 185, Feb., 2020;

Enhanced Data Pre-processing in Batch Multivariate Statistical Process Control

Fuentes-García, N.M., González-Martinez, J.M., Maciá-Fernández, G., Camacho, J. PARAMO, Journal of Chemometrics, November 2019, 33 (12): e3188.

A Machine Learning Methodology based on Domain Knowledge Constraints for Well Data Integration and Well Production Prediction

SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering, SPE 195690-PA (2019); Detlef Hohl, John Tolle, Jan Limbeck, Ligang Lu, and Mingqi Wu, Alvaro Bueno, Bianca Zadrozny, Breno Carvalho, Helon Hultmann, Jorge Guevara, and Matthias Kormaksson.

Prediction of Flow-Accelerated Corrosion/Erosion in High-Speed Ejectors Using a CFD Model

Das, Saurish, Sarkar, Suranjan, Lee, Gary H., and Junxiong, Ong. Proceedings of the . Volume 7: Operations, Applications, and Components. San Antonio, Texas, USA. July 14–19, 2019. V007T07A001. ASME.

Machine learning constrained with dimensional analysis and scaling laws: Simple, transferable and interpretable models of materials from small datasets

Narendra Kumar, Padmini Rajagopalan, Praveen Pankajakshan, Arnab Bhattacharyya, Suchismita Sanyal, Janakiraman Balachandran, and Umesh V. Waghmare, Chemistry of Materials 2019, 31, 2, 314-321 (June 2019).

Accelerating Least Squares Imaging Using Deep Learning Techniques

Vamaraju J., Vila J., Araya-Polo M., Datta D., Sidahmed M. and Sen M..”, Machine Learning and the Physcial Sciences workshop at NeurIPS, Vancouver, Canada, Dec. 2019.

Neural Network Assisted Seismic Velocity Editing

S Simha, J Goudswaard, P Devarakota, P Somawanshi, SPE ADIPEC November 2019.

FaciesNet: Machine Learning Applications for Facies Classification in Well Logs

C Jaikla, P Devarakota, N Auchter, M Sidahmed, I Espejo, Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences Workshop at NeurIPS, December 2019.

The Effect of Lanthanum Doping and Oxygen Vacancy on Perovskite, Pyrochlore Oxide and Lanthanide Titanates: A First Principle Study

Amar Deep Pathak, Foram Thakkar, Suchismita Sanyal, Arian Nijmeijer and Hans Geerlings; MRS Advances 2019, 4 (20) 2019, pp 1167-1175

Ultrasonic Sonochemical Synthesis of Na0.44MnO2 Insertion Material for Sodium-ion Batteries

Ganesh S Shinde, Prem Depon Nayak, V Sai Pranav, Sandeep K Jain, Amar Deep Pathak, Suchismita Sanyal, Janakiraman Balachandran, Prabeer Barpanda, Journal of Power Sources 416 (2019) pp50–55

Equation of state of fluid methane from first principles with machine learning potentials

Max Veit, Sandeep Kumar Jain, Satyanarayana Bonakala, Indranil Rudra, Detlef Hohl, Gábor Csányi; Journal of chemical theory and computation, 2019, 15, 4

Measurement and Quantification of Diffusion-Induced Compositional Variations in Absence of Convective Mixing at Reservoir Conditions

Ratnakar, R. R., Dindoruk, B., Odikpo, G., & Lewis, E. J. (2019). Transport in Porous Media128(1), 29-43 (2019)

Stochastic clustering and pattern matching for real-time geosteering

Mingqi Wu*, Yinsen Miao*, Neilkunal Panchal, DR Kowal, M Vannucci, Jeremy Vila, and Faming Liang, Geophysics 84 (5), ID13-ID24 1 2019.

Deep Learning Applied to Fault Interpretation and Attribute Computation

Griffith, D., Zamanian, A., Vila J., Potter R. D., Vial-Aussavy, A. and Menapace, F., 2019 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, San Antonio, TX May 2019.

Deep Learning Approach in Characterizing Salt Body on Seismic Images

Licheng Zhang, zhenzhen Zhong, Meng Zhang, Tianxia Zhao, Yue Wu, Cheng Zhan, , SEG International Exposition and 89th Annual Meeting, Aug, 2019.

High-resolution multi-objective optimization of feedstock landscape design for hybrid first and second generation biorefineries

Trung H. Nguyen, Julien Granger, Deval Pandya, Keith Paustian, Applied Energy,Volume 238,2019,Pages 1484-1496,ISSN 0306-2619,

MVBatch: A matlab toolbox for batch process modeling and monitoring

González-Martinez, J.M., Camacho, J., Ferrer, A.J., Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, December 2018, 183: 122-133.

MT-CGCNN: Integrating Crystal Graph Convolutional Neural Network with Multitask Learning for Material Property Prediction

Soumya Sanyal, Janakiraman Balachandran, Naganand Yadati, Abhishek Kumar, Padmini Rajagopalan, Suchismita Sanyal, Partha Talukdar; 2018 

Generation of ground truth images to validate micro-CT image-processing pipelines.

Berg, S., Saxena, N., Shaik, M., Pradhan, C. (2018). The Leading Edge, 37(6), 412-420.

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