Abhinandan Kohli, Graduate Recruitment Portrait Photography

"My foray into Shell was actually through an internship. I did a bachelor’s in petroleum engineering at the Indian School of Mines, during which I joined Shell’s seven-week-long internship. I was offered an internship by three different Exploration and Production companies, but I chose Shell because its programme was structured, had me working on a live project and concluded with a formal assessment for an employment opportunity, which the other companies did not offer.

Later I heard about the fast-track, tailored Shell Graduate Programme and so, a year after graduating from university, I joined the programme where I could realise my full potential.

"I was impressed at how the programme’s teaching elements fit together: classroom training, on-the-job learning, and mentoring."

Abhinandan Kohli

Live project

I was immediately asked to deliver a live project related to an offshore field in Brunei. I was initially nervous, but I had support from a senior Petrophysicist who taught me about delivery and Shell’s internal software.

We would have long sessions understanding different methodologies and workflows. It was also interesting to see my work having an impact on actual profitability, in terms of dollars earned by the company. The day-to-day coaching from team leaders and members also helped me understand Shell’s value loop, putting the bigger picture into perspective.

World rotating

After spending about 10 months in the company, I was posted to Muscat, Oman for a seven-month Operational Assignment with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). There, I went to the field to understand the various processes that happen on a working well site. I saw for the first time how a well was drilled, logged and completed, and the importance of quick decision-making that can maximise efficiency and lower costs.

Having completed the programme, my transition out was smooth. I passed my assessment successfully and moved into the Shell Advanced Technical Programme (SATP). The SATP brings your skills to a level where you can perform non-standard tasks and make non-standard decisions independently.

Billion-dollar projects

The Shell Graduate Programme has all the right elements of coaching, on-the-job training and job rotation.

"Everybody is open and willing to help if you have any personal or professional issues. That’s the relationship I have with my peers; they’re like family."

Abhinandan Kohli

The best part is that you’re globally benchmarked, so graduates everywhere receive the same learning opportunities.

"I love the global brand value that Shell provides. I see many innovative energy projects and of course I relish any opportunities I may get to work abroad."

Abhinandan Kohli

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