Deandre Reagins, Wells Engineer at Shell

“Going into the energy industry wasn’t my initial plan. I majored in both Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and planned to work in Aerospace. So when someone asked if I was interested in working at Shell during a career fair early in my second year, I was curious to learn more.

After the fair I talked to people around campus who’d interned at Shell to get an idea of their experiences. Shortly after, some ambassadors from Shell came to speak to us. This helped me to make up my mind and so I joined Shell as an intern. I was put on a challenging project with a mentor who coached and pushed me, and afterwards I thought, I can see myself doing this long-term.

Opportunities abound

Being able to make a global impact even at the start of your career is really cool. In a short period of time I’ve had some tremendous opportunities and I can really see where I’ve added value on several big projects.

When you’re able to grasp the scale of our projects and understand that they’re executed in terms of millions or billions of dollars, it’s a really unique experience to have early on in your career.

I’ve represented Shell at Michigan for the past three years because I want to help make students aware of the different opportunities they have to expand their skillset and grow their career.

It’s a two-way conversation

I’m relatively fresh out of college but now have five years of professional experience, so I’m well positioned to build a bridge between the two. I get asked some really good questions, usually about work-life balance, salary and flexibility. I can share my story, explain that I feel like I’ve made a big impact, and how this has all contributed to my overall satisfaction with Shell.

But what’s really great about being on campus is the opportunity to reflect on my own development. For example, I’m often asked, ‘Will you go back to school?’ This has made me realise that maybe I should think about going back to school.

It’s a mutually beneficial experience: for the students who get insight, for Shell, getting exposure and meeting interested individuals, and also for myself, as I reach out to talented students who both remind me of myself and help me reflect on my next steps.”


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