Congratulations – you've got the job. Now you're going to have to find your way in a new company. That can sound daunting, but with these tips from Shell employees, you'll be able to find your place and thrive in your new career.

Setting up for success

1. Believe in yourself

You will perform better if you believe you can achieve great things. Start with a positive mindset. You’ll be surprised at the number of people, particularly women, who suffer from self-doubt.

“I think that once you establish yourself and you start delivering, you realise you don't have to question yourself,” says Peny who, as of January 2018 works as an IT Manager. “At that point it gets much easier.”

2. Find a mentor or someone to help guide you

The advice of a more experienced mentor can be a huge help in navigating your way through a new company. But you shouldn't expect that person to find you. Network and ask for help when you need it.

3. Maintain your professional reputation

Make sure you keep in contact with people you meet in your new job and keep those relationships professionally-focused, so they are aware of what you have achieved.

“Being able to work and to overcome challenges and maintain effective relationships in the workplace is important because you never know when a person will come back into your circle of influence,” says Roxana, General Manager, Integrated Gas as of January 2018.

Progressing in your dream job

Career development is a marathon, not a sprint, so it's important you set yourself long-term and achievable goals. To truly develop a meaningful career, have a look at these tips from some Shell employees who've worked hard to enhance their own progression.

1. Make sure you're always being challenged and seek out new challenges

If you’re not being stretched, it might be time for a discussion with your line manager and to start looking at what other opportunities there might be around. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel overwhelmed.

“Sometimes when things get a little bit too comfortable, it's good to put your hand up and ask for the next challenge,” says Peny. “On the other hand, if it gets too difficult it's good to reach out and ask for support.”

2. Don't wait for new opportunities to find you

Seek out new challenges. Use your network and create new contacts so you can find out what’s happening outside your immediate area. Always follow up on interesting opportunities and make people aware you’re on the look-out for something new.

Yee Yee, Engineer, says: “I think success comes when you make your mind up and say I don't want to accept what I've been given, I want something better. Put your mind to it and face whatever challenges come your way one at a time. If you want something, why don't you ask for it and work hard to get it?”

3. Do something that matters to you

“I've always taken jobs I found really interesting,” says Neil, Vice President for Integration in Upstream, Integrated Gas. “Thanks to this approach I have been able to do things that felt somewhere between a privilege and an immense opportunity to make a difference.”

If the role doesn’t feel the right fit for you, free it up for someone else. Find out what really excites you and piques your curiosity and then you can invest yourself fully in the role.

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