"What I love most about my role is the amount of exposure I get into the energy industry, given that I'm an intern"

Inzamamul Haque, IT Analyst, UK
Inzamamul Haque, IT Analyst, UK

How did you first discover the Shell Assessed Internship Programme?

I first discovered the Shell Assessed Internship Programme online on the Shell website whilst looking for summer internships at large multinationals towards the end of my first year at university. Being raised in The Hague, I had already been exposed to the Shell group, and was even fortunate to visit the Shell Projects & Technology division in Rijswijk during high school. Being an undergraduate computer scientist, and having witnessed the amount of investment and resources devoted to technology at an early stage, applying for an internship within IT at Shell seemed like a no-brainer. 

What do you remember most about your first day at Shell?

There were a number of things that I remember on my first day at Shell Trading. The first thing that springs to mind was how nervous I felt. As I was part of Shell’s pilot programme for Junior Interns, I had a very rough idea of what to expect in my role.

After meeting my team and other colleagues, something that really stood out was the diversity in the nationalities represented on the floor. Even in my team of seven, we come from six different countries and speak at least seven different languages between us. This environment reminded me of growing up in a diplomatic environment in The Hague, so I almost feel at home.

What do you love about your role?

What I love most about my role is the amount of exposure I get into the energy industry given that I’m an intern, halfway through my undergraduate degree. I currently work on producing analytical models that are used by my team and others to develop strategies and analytics that benefit the trading floor and our company’s Profit and Loss.

It’s a great feeling to put into practice the technical skillset that I’ve accumulated from my education and apply it in the real world, where it’s able to generate value for the company as well as the group. The energy market can be one of the most volatile markets to trade in - no two days are the same. It requires me and the work I produce to be constantly up-to-date with daily market developments and as a result, I don’t think there’s been a single day where I haven’t learnt something new.   

Through your internship have you been inspired to continue with a career in the energy industry? What’s next for you?

I think that after getting the exposure from Shell into the energy industry, I really feel that a career here would be logical. We are seeing an increased use of technical analysis in trying to identify market trends, and are also seeing the growth in the use of algorithmic trading in various markets. Even if I didn’t want to stay in energy trading, the overall landscape for where we get our energy supply is changing.

As traditional resources become scarce, we’re going to need to focus on using non-traditional, coherent methods to source and provide the world’s increasing energy demand. Having a technical background, especially in Computer Science, it seems a career on this path will allow me to put my skills to great use to make key decisions in how we get our energy in the future.

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