Two decades of experience separates the careers of Ceri Powell and Ceri Griffith-Swain. But when asked where their respective love of geology comes from, they have a common answer: a childhood in Wales.

Ceri Powell, Executive Vice President for Exploration in Upstream International at Shell developed an interest in the subject thanks to passionate teachers and the inspiring landscape of the country. For Ceri Griffith-Swain, Young Petroleum Geoscientist of the Year 2015, it came from the desire to know why there were shell fossils on the top of Snowden, Wales’ highest mountain.

For both, this natural curiosity for geology developed into a rewarding career in the energy industry.

In this podcast we discover what happens when you ask two geoscientists to compare their career experiences.

From their first big projects and their passion for rocks, to the role of women in the energy industry and their dedication to a responsible energy future, they discuss it all here.

Ceri Griffith-Swain, Production Geologist at Shel

Ceri Griffith-Swain

Ceri Griffith-Swain is a Production Geologist and Chair of the Women’s Network at Shell in Aberdeen. She was named Young Petroleum Geoscientist of the Year by The Geological Society of London in June 2015 for her work encouraging young girls to pursue a career in the energy industry.

Ceri Powell, EVP for Exploration in Upstream International at Shell

Ceri Powell

Ceri Powell has been with Shell for more than 25 years and has featured on Fortune Magazines’ list of the ‘Most Powerful Women in Business’ twice, most recently in 2014, where she featured at number 21. She was invited to join the UN Advisory Board for Sustainable Energy for All in 2013.

Discover a remarkable career in Geoscience at Shell.

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