Katie Mehnert

Katie Mehnert

CEO Pink Petroand Experience Energy, Founder of Lean in Energy

“Closing the gap means realising the full potential of women in the workplace.”

As CEO of Pink Petro and Experience Energy, Katie believes in sharing stories of  women in the energy industry. Her organisation is the leading source for industry and mainstream media on women in energy. Through this community, she founded Lean In Energy, a mentoring platform that helps women achieve their career ambitions. Katie also has a young daughter of her own, which drives her to inspire the next generation.

Dymphna van der Lans

Dymphna van der Lans

CEO Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

“It’s rewarding listening to women’s ideas and aspirations in the energy sector, so I can help them navigate their careers”.

Dymphna knows how daunting it can be as a woman in the energy sector, and having benefited from guidance during her career, she believes mentorship is vital. Her mission is to get more women into leadership roles, have more gender balanced teams and provide them with support. She feels everyone should be proactive in nominating women they know will be strong contributors, so they can progress to leadership roles. She is driven to inspire her daughter with her contribution.

Laurence Bradford

Laurence Bradford

Creator of Learn To Code With Me

“I think by being present, part of the conversation and in the public eye as a woman in tech, means a lot but also encourages others to join me.”

Self taught‘techie’ Laurence started her blog and podcast to help others learn how to code. The impact of having tech skills and the boost in confidence drives Laurence to give back to others. Laurence reaches women in tech and those learning through her blog and Forbes content. She draws on her own experiences and skills, focusing on how to get into industry, imposter syndrome, mental health and coding education. Her work reaches 200,000 people a month.

Kristin Engvig

Kristin Engvig

CEO and founder Women’s International Networking (WIN)

“I have dedicated the past 25 years to bridging the gender gap.”

When Kristin realised she had the luxury of choices for her career and life but not all women had that, she wanted to help. She founded WIN, a global women’s leadership initiative to bring together female and male leaders to participate in curated learning experiences in a very unique and authentic way. The WIN conference is an incredibly inspiring experience that includes learning new skills, high level networking and preparing for the future, a future we are empowered to create. WIN also run seminars and events that teach leaders how to recognise biases and how to become more inclusive leaders to set examples for their businesses and employees.

Trudy Norris Grey

Trudy Norris Grey

Managing Director Global Business Development, Microsoft. Chair of Women into Science and Engineering and Technology (WISE).

“Let’s bring about the change that we all need”

When rising to the top, Trudy saw few women in senior roles. She believes including women is beneficial for our economy, our communities, our families and an individual’s well-being. She’s a role model who provides encouragement and coaching to help bring about the change needed within companies and in society, influencing the way we recruit, retain and promote female talent. At WISE, she’s worked on two initiatives, ‘People Like Me’ encouraging young girls into STEM, and ‘Ten Steps’, a framework for companies to change their recruitment, retention and promotion process. Her aim is to challenge stereotypes and status quo, equip people and organisations for a better future and bring about change.

Michelle Redfern

Michelle Redfern

Founder of Advancing Women

“I am moving gender diversity from conversation to action by influencing leaders in sport and business to advance women into leadership.”

Seeing little change for women’s rights over the years and experiencing bullying and exclusion simply because of her gender, Michelle took action. She set up Advancing Women, an initiative that advises corporations, educates businesses and hosts public speaking events. She’s educated CEOs on how to attract, engage and build relationships with women, and coaches women on how to develop themselves and their skills to accelerate their leadership advancement. Michelle’s motivation to make change comes from wanting her children to be able to fulfil their potential irrespective of their gender.

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