Our approach reinforces respect for people and provides psychological safety for our LGBT+ employees in line with our core values. This is true for all countries where Shell operates.

Advancing LGBT+ Inclusion Globally

For Shell to succeed, today and tomorrow, and be the company we want to be, we need to build a truly diverse workforce with the best talent. This can only happen when people can be their true selves and feel valued and accepted for who they are. Our responsibility is to create a culture of inclusion and provide a safe working environment where every employee is given a chance to reach their full potential. This is what we’re committed to do.

Our approach is all about reinforcing respect for people and providing psychological safety for our LGBT+ employees in line with our core values. This is true for all countries wherever Shell operates.

The focus is on raising awareness rather than changing individual beliefs. Our Code of Conduct expects us to provide equal opportunity for all staff wherever they work, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

LGBT+ Networks at Shell

Shell LGBT+ Networks have been set up as a supportive space for LGBT+ colleagues to find confidence in being themselves at work. They aim to raise awareness of the challenges that LGBT+ staff face and work with people at all levels of the organisation to ensure Shell is a safe and inclusive workplace.

The first LGBT+ Network was established at Shell in the US in 1997 and was soon followed by networks around the world. Today, we have a truly global LGBT+ network, with local chapters in 13 countries, including in the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, the Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, Norway, Poland, and Germany.

The purpose of such networks is to serve as a support system for LGBT+ staff and to connect colleagues – including allies – across the business, raising awareness by breaking down barriers, for example by running learning and support sessions, and participating in local events.

Showing our support

We are committed to supporting LGBT+ equality, internally at Shell and beyond. We do this by, for example:

  • Having leaders visibly and actively supporting the work of the various LGBT+ networks, providing strategic direction and offering mentoring to network members. Our CFO and Integrated Gas and New Energies Director are proudly the executive sponsors of our global network.
  • Providing awareness training on sexual orientation as part of our D&I Learning Portfolio. We incorporate LGBT+ inclusion in all D&I training globally wherever Shell operates.
  • Running Ally programmes that serve to make senior leaders and staff across Shell more aware of the challenges of being LGBT+.
  • Participating in Pride events and flying the Pride flag outside many of our offices during key LGBT+ awareness dates as a public sign of corporate support. Take a look at our video Celebrating Pride All Around the World.
We also partner with leading global and local organisations to help us make a positive impact on the LGBT+ community in the countries where we operate. Some of these are:
  • Workplace Pride – Shell is a member of Workplace Pride, a non-profit umbrella organisation based in Amsterdam that strives for greater acceptance of LGBT+ people in the workplace and society. In 2012 we became a co-signatory of the Workplace Pride Declaration of Amsterdam in support of an LGBT+ inclusive workplace.
  • Human Rights Campaign – Shell is a corporate partner of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest civil rights organisation working to achieve equality for LGBT+ in the United States.
  • Stonewall – Shell is a member of Stonewall, an organisation which campaigns for the equality of LGBT+ people across Britain.

Strength to be yourself

Professionals like Karrie Trauth are proud to work and inspire others at Shell, and we aspire to offer the kind of environment that attracts and motivates them to give their best.

“Since working at Shell, I’ve realised just how much emotional energy is wasted by members of the LGBT+ community who feel they cannot be out at work. Statistically employees are 15-20% less efficient if they’re not out at work, making it extremely important for companies to prioritise an inclusive environment if they want to achieve maximum productivity.”

Karrie Trauth, General Manager for Shipping and Maritime technology and Innovation

Read more about Karrie’s story and others below.

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Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Shell consistently scored 100% in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index which rates US companies on LGBT equality.

LGBT Workplace Pride

Shell has been consistently ranked as a Top Employer in the Workplace Pride Global inclusive workplace benchmark survey.

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Shell’s connected colleagues

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