Forward Thinking Engineering

Griselda Togobo, Forward Ladies 

“I decided not to return to engineering after having my first child. Instead, when I discovered Forward Ladies, an initiative to close the gender gap by giving women in engineering leadership training, networking opportunities and career support, I helped to grow it into a nationwide network.

I want to bring real voices from real women into the debate. Because if there’s no shift in the dialogue, there will be no shift in culture.”

The people who shape the world, should reflect it

Hayaatun Sillem, Royal Academy of Engineering

“When I became the CEO at the Royal Academy of Engineering, I decided my primary mission would be to encourage young people from every background to become engineers. This became our “This Is Engineering” campaign.

I passionately believe that the people who build the world we live in, should reflect that world. Right now, the engineering industry is 91% male and 94% white. We’re going to change that for the better.”

Education + technology = powerful tools to change the world

Iana Chan, Co-founder PrograMaria

“I’m a self-taught coder who has seen first hand how few women there are in the tech industry. That’s why I co-founded PrograMaria to break down the gender barriers in technology.

It’s a hub where women come to learn together, educate each other and improve their tech skills, and confidence, in order to go for the jobs they were previously too nervous to apply for.”


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