“I was studying for a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Business when I went to my first career talk. After listening to Shell’s engineers and discovering how big an impact they can have on the company’s operations, I was inspired.

Over the next few years at university I went to many Shell-led events and met several senior leaders from the company. They were all happy to explain to me what it was like to work there. I could also see for myself that Shell cared about people development, and that was something very important to me.

Plus, I got to understand what the company culture was like, what the company values in people and what Shell stands for. It really had a great impact on me. It’s why I’m now back on campus passing on the message to the next wave of engineers.

I could also see for myself that Shell cared about people development, and that was something very important to me.

Career questions

I’ve found that many students don’t know what they want from an employer, and even if they do they don’t know how to find the information they want. So by being on campus I have a unique opportunity to reach out to these students. I can answer their questions and talk to them about working at Shell.

When I was a student, the thing I got the most from was visiting Shell sites and talking to employees in their workplaces. There’s no better way to have your career questions answered. I think it’s the best way to find out what it’s like to work here.

Today, students mostly ask me about career progression. Some women are concerned about the stereotype that engineering can be a traditionally male-led industry. It’s easy for me to tell them about Shell’s commitment to people development and diversity, but it’s much better when they can visit Shell sites and see this first-hand.

I’ve taken undergrads to manufacturing sites like Pulau Bukom and Shell Jurong Island because they are curious to see for themselves what it’s like. Being there with them reminds me of how excited I felt when I first got to see the company in action.

Tangible results

Representing Shell on campus is great fun. I get to connect with lots of people, from chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers to business students. I really enjoy the chance to get out there and network with a diverse group of talented individuals.

This is only my second year as a Shell ambassador, but I’m already seeing the benefits of the work we’re doing. A few weeks ago my former line manager contacted me to say he interviewed an undergrad who said he was really inspired by what one Shell employee had to say about life at Shell. That employee turned out to be me!”

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