“In my third year of university I went along to a Shell career day at my university. People from Shell were there to talk about their experiences at the company and it really made an impression on me. I thought of Shell when I came to graduate as I understood the development opportunities offered by the Shell Graduate Programme.

So when I joined Shell in 2010 I knew I also wanted to share my experiences of working in the energy industry and hopefully inspire the next generation to consider the impact they could make. I was excited by the prospect of sharing my experiences with ambitious and innovative students, just as those ambassadors did for me when I was studying.

I wanted to share my experiences of working in the energy industry and hopefully inspire the next generation to consider the impact they could make.

What happens on campus

When I’m on campus I let students know what they can expect in terms of their career development at Shell, from the mentorship and training you receive during the Shell Graduate Programme, to the strong, global network you develop along the way.

I also talk about the various networks they can join and who they’ll be learning from. Students then open up to me about their concerns, for example what’s holding them back from applying.

It’s not so long since I was a student and I remember that the last year of university comes with a lot of struggle and uncertainty. I realised that by being on campus I could help bring new perspectives that can address the challenges the students face. Plus it’s always fun to interact with my juniors.

Careers that surprise

Many of the students I speak to know what banks can offer in terms of a career in finance, but they don’t really know that it’s possible to develop a financial career in the energy industry. I can talk to them about that, about how a career in finance can be more than banking, consulting and accounting. I explain to them that there are a lot of opportunities in Shell, and that a career in finance can mean all of those things and more. It’s a place where you can find your own direction.

Representing Shell at my old university has been a personal passion over the past five years and it’s one that I will continue to do as I know it’s valued by the students I talk to. I also really enjoy staying connected and contributing to the institution that taught me and helped me get to where I am today.”

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