Life at Shell Stories

Forging strong relationships that empower teams

Divya’s story is about her enthusiasm and passion for ensuring her colleagues are engaged, happy and immersed in their work.

Doorva’s story

Doorva tells us how she was inspired to discover a new industry and a diverse culture at Shell.

Fazilah's story

Fazilah Abu’s story is about her dedication to helping everyone she works with develop, expand and grow.

Siew Yen’s story

Siew Yen’s story is of a passionate production manager who values diversity and the chance to learn.

Poorni’s Story

Poorni’s story is from an enthusiastic analyst who is passionate about women working at Shell.

Ruel’s Story

Ruel’s story is of a Learning Manager who has learned a lot about diversity and inclusion since joining Shell.

Jason’s Story

Jason’s story is of an HR Services Talent Operations Manager who believes joining Shell changed his life both professionally and personally.

Jourdane’s Story

Jourdane’s story is from a passionate manager who enjoys working in an inclusive environment at Shell.

Krisztina’s Story

Krisztina explains how her career at Shell has provided enticing challenges and the opportunity to travel.

Yasmin’s Story

Yasmin says the success of her career at Shell is down to the close ties she has with her team.

Maria’s story

Maria’s story is of an Order to Delivery Excellence Manager who has had three roles since joining Shell.