The Shell Graduate Programme

Our three-year training programme for technical graduates offers you a comprehensive introduction to various areas of Shell’s business and operations. Within the Technical area of the Shell Graduate Programme, those keen to become pioneers in their field can establish a long and fulfilling career.

Joining the Programme you’ll work alongside the industry’s leading technical experts and visionaries, and could gain experience on some of Shell’s most groundbreaking engineering projects. Within Shell you’ll find a supportive work environment, working with teams across the globe. You’ll be encouraged to take an innovative approach, while developing your skills and technical capabilities.

Instrumentation, Control and Electrical (ICE)

Within Instrumentation Control and Electrical (ICE), you could work on a range of Upstream and Downstream projects and operations that have a real impact on our business. For example, you could get the chance to combine process engineering, process control and advanced computer knowledge to innovate and maximize production of chemical products as well as oil and gas at operating facilities. You can make a vital contribution to local and remote oil and gas operating facilities (both onshore and offshore), refineries and chemical plants through leveraging analyzers and computer technology designed to automate their control. You can solve energy challenges by working in our New Energies business, integrating new sustainable sources of energy, applying new technologies to meet Shell’s business objectives and designing, managing and maintaining safe and reliable power systems for our new and existing assets.

Roles and responsibilities

You’ll experience a dynamic and challenging environment on the Shell Graduate Programme. Entry roles in the PACO discipline include:

  • Day-to-day support related to PACO technologies at an oil and gas production facility, refinery, or chemical plant
  • Engineering design of instruments and process control systems for new facilities to produce oil and gas (onshore and offshore) and to manufacture oil and chemical products
  • Central corporate support and application of PACO technologies to the different Shell businesses

Your responsibilities could include:

  • Developing dynamic models to optimise design and operation of equipment from fired heaters to refineries and chemical plants
  • Applying process control modelling techniques to automate the drilling of oil wells
  • Improving process safety via intelligent application of sensors; process engineering knowledge and automation techniques

Training and development opportunities

The PACO discipline provides you the opportunity to combine knowledge from different areas, such as process engineering, computer technology, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, to solve simple through to complex problems in oil and gas production operations, refineries, and chemical plants. You’ll benefit from being exposed to a broad scope of technologies via a well-defined learning structure supported by experienced personnel supporting you to achieve your career potential. You’ll also receive regular progress checks to ensure you are making full use of the many learning resources, which will be available to help you to become an accomplished Shell professional.

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