"It's a great opportunity to get your foot in the industry door."

Priya Khanna, Production Engineer, Australia
Priya Khanna

How did your 12 week Assessed Internship Programme with Shell give you an insight into Shell as an organisation, the culture, projects and type of work?

An internship with Shell provided me the opportunity to work in many levels within the organisation and across different teams. It allowed me to see the interactions within teams and between teams and understand the importance of a collaborative work environment that is key to Shell’s culture. 

Having your own individual projects allows you to develop a deep understanding of a given problem. It also allows you the freedom to ask many questions. This gave me an understanding of the complexity and the challenges of the energy industry.

You are provided with your own Shell e-mail so you are able to connect with many different people easily. 

During my 12-week placement I was given an actual problem to solve and felt like I had a purpose at the refinery.

What type of work did you do during your assessed Internship? Did you have a specific project?

On my first internship, I had three different projects all focused around unit optimisation and monitoring. They were very hands on and I was located on- site in one of the field centres. My second internship was much more lab- based and I worked on modelling and multi- variable data analysis.

How would you describe your experience of the Shell Assessed Internship Programme? What would you say to students thinking about an internship with Shell?

The opportunity was extremely beneficial. Hands-on site experience gave me much more in-depth knowledge of the energy industry which I then took back to my university and applied to my final year design projects.

Additionally, it gave insight into what the industry was like and showed the opportunities available from studying a chemical engineering degree.

I encourage others to definitely apply! It is a great opportunity to learn about the industry in a really welcoming environment where questions are encouraged.

How did your assessed internship prepare you for your career and how did it feel knowing you had secured a graduate position well before your graduation date?

Undertaking the Assessed Internship Programme gave me hands-on experience with Shell tools and familiarised me with our processes. It also allowed me to ask many different people with different experiences their views on working for Shell and working in the energy industry.

Finally, it provided me with knowledge to apply to my design project which got me better marks.

By having had the opportunity to experience Shell through an Assessed Internship Programme, do you think this provided you with an advantage when starting the Shell Graduate Programme?

Yes, experiencing an internship meant that by the time I entered the Shell Graduate Programme, I already knew a lot about the business. I was knowledgeable of the processes and systems, how to ask questions to the right people, the culture, the importance of safety in the workplace, and the expectations of the job.

Describe what makes Shell’s Assessed Internship Programme unique?

Having your own project that gives you responsibility. The culture is so great for learning; everyone wants to help you and pass on as much knowledge as they can to you. You never feel like you can’t ask a question.

There is such a strong safety culture. You feel safe and it’s a great way to be introduced to the industry.

Why should today’s students apply for an internship with Shell?

It’s a great opportunity to get your foot in the industry; what’s more, you can set yourself up for a graduate role. Experience a safe and great learning environment. It’s also a very structured programme which adds value and ensures you have support from lots of different people at different levels within the organisation.

What can students expect in the various stages of the Assessed Internship Programme?

Expect to be challenged to deliver results, but never in a situation where you can’t ask for help. You will be surrounded by a group of people who want to help you including your Shell Buddy, supervisor, and mentor. From day one, you will feel like a member of the team that you are working in.

What is some of your advice to students applying to internships, and how would you encourage them to put their best foot forward?

I would tell them not be afraid to ask questions; Always take opportunities to get on-site and to ask for advice. Also, have a go at any task that is given to you regardless of the difficulty. Be sure to stay motivated and work as hard as you can. Try and be resourceful; there are a lot of different people and they all know a lot and have a wealth of experience that they are more than happy to share.

Any final words of advice for students considering an internship?

Definitely apply! It was literally the best experience throughout my entire degree! So great, that I chose to do it twice!

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