Michele Petz, Country Manager of Shell Energy Italia
Michele Petz, Country Manager of Shell Energy Italia illustrating business proposition to consultants

Milan, May 8th 2017 - Shell Energy Italia has presented its product offering for the 2017-2018 biennium to consultants of the Italian energy market who support industrial customers to manage their gas and electricity needs.

Active in Italy since 2005, Shell Energy Italia is a well-established player in the energy market with a portfolio of over 300 customers, over 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas volumes sold and a 10% market share in the industrial energy-intensive segment. Shell Energy Italia maximises the global experience of the Shell Group, and through its integration with the trading and pan-European structure of Shell Energy Europe, the division mainly targets medium-to-large industries, electricity producers, and wholesalers, offering advanced solutions for the management of energy commodities.

The proposals presented to consultants in the exclusive framework of the Autodromo di Monza confirms Shell Energy Italia as a reference point in the national energy market due to an exclusive customer-oriented approach and ability to offer innovative products, customised services and flexible solutions.

In addition to new products for the supply of gas and management of energy assets (i.e., pipelines, storage, production), the portfolio of Shell Energy Italia will be expanded to electricity supply later this year. Shell Energy Italia will offer solutions to industrial customers and producers, with a particular focus on renewable energy producers.

"The commercial offer for the period 2017 -2018 is characterised by a range of products and energy supply strategies that anticipate trends and market evolution" said Michele Petz, Country Manager of Shell Energy Italia. "The expansion of our offering to include electricity strengthens our commitment to be a strong partner of choice for energy market customers. We will continue to work with our customers to build solutions for risk management and to create greater value for their business."

About Shell Energy Italia

Shell Energy Italia commercialises natural gas in Italy and coordinates its activities with the pan-European organisation of Shell Energy Europe.

About Shell Energy Europe Ltd

Shell Energy Europe Ltd is one of the major energy supply businesses and a leading marketer and trader of energy commodities, including gas, power and CO2. Shell Energy Europe’s trading office is in London. It was formed from the merger of Shell’s gas marketing and trading business in 2009, and leverages the integration of these capabilities to offer “Energy Solutions for Your Business” to customers, including Pan-European energy-intensive industries; commodity trading companies; energy production companies; energy retail companies.