Our team of traders, originators and deal structurers constantly innovate to develop the specific products that best suit your energy needs, enabling you to optimise your energy portfolio.

By understanding your business and working with you, we can provide you with the best energy solutions for your business.


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Shell Energy Europe is your one-stop-shop for all your energy commodities, providing physical and financial structures in multiple currencies.

Our business performs trading and marketing activities for:

  • Natural gas: We are a leading supplier and trader of gas across all European key gas markets.
  • Power: We manage physical and financial power across most European markets, helping to increase their liquidity and transparency.
    Please click here for further information on our power offering.
  • Environmental Products: Pioneers in this market, Shell were the first to trade EU CO2 allowances, in 2003, and we have become one of the most progressive and innovative traders in emissions and a market leader in environmental products. Shell Energy Europe offers access to almost every environmental trading market in the world.
    For further information on our Environmental Products offering, please click on About Shell Environmental Products Trading.
  • Oil products: As part of an integrated energy major, we are fully equipped to manage the risks and pricing around global crude and oil product pricing.
  • Coal: We are able to manage the risks arising from coal pricing – invaluable in those markets where customers see coal as a major determinant in their costs.


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Thanks to the integration of Trading and Marketing, Shell Energy Europe* is able to offer the widest range of energy products, from trading and supply to options and products for managing energy assets.


Shell Energy Europe Limited* specialized desks can meet your trading requirements, with a large array of products, including:

  • Physical & financial.
  • Fixed price spot & forwards, swaps, vanilla options, location/time swaps, spark spreads.
  • Flat tradable and non-tradable volumes, profiles.
  • CO2 time spreads.

Index Supply

We can define with you the best supply structures in Europe, including:

  • Gas hub indices.
  • Power, oil, gasoil, fuel oil, coal, EUAs, tailor-made indices.
  • Temperature regression.
  • Combination of indices.
  • Deliveries at borders, virtual points, city gates, plants.
  • Swing or fixed supply.

Price Options

Shell Energy Europe Limited* options desk is fully equipped to provide you with various types of options giving you the required security or flexibility in your energy portfolios. These include:

  • Physical & financial.
  • Option to fix & unfix.
  • Blend & extend.
  • Caps, floors, collars.
  • Discounted index.
  • Oil and gas swing contracts.
  • Time spread options.
  • Cross-commodity options.

Flexibility & Capacity

Our originators can structure different products in order to help you extract most value out of your assets, including:

  • Physical & virtual storage.
  • Virtual Power Plant.
  • Balancing agreements.
  • Interruptibility.
  • Interconnection capacity.
  • Physical & virtual transport.


You can contact our team of energy experts to discuss the products that are more suitable to your business needs.

Energy Solutions

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Combining our cross-commodity products with trading and marketing of energy commodities, our originators can create with you a variety of tailor-made solutions to meet your energy requirements, manage your risks and maximise the value of your energy portfolio*.

We are best equipped to partner with consumers, wholesalers, traders, producers, asset holders and financial institutions to offer hedges for investments in multiple commodities as well as assets.

Market Access

  • Via our team of traders you can receive on-demand, real-time competitive prices for all the main energy trading hubs in Europe.
  • We can deliver volumes across Europe.
  • We can physically deliver at hubs, cross border points or production sites.
  • Our country-based operations teams can efficiently supply physical gas to your production sites in Europe.

Energy Risk Management

  • We can help you better understand your risk profile.
  • We can absorb unwanted volatility and exchange it for required stability.
  • As a financially regulated energy company we can offer both financial and physical hedges in multiple currencies.*
  • Our trading and origination teams can provide short-term as well as long-term hedging strategies to secure future cash flows of financial investments*.

*Acting through its agent Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited.

Cross-Commodity Structured Deals

  • We can design physical and financial solutions combining multiple commodities*.
  • We can offer offsetting cross-commodity products to manage credit exposures.
  • We can hedge your cross-commodity exposures removing uncertainty around future cash flows.

*Acting through its agent Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited.

Asset Optimisation & Monetisation

  • We identify pockets of “hidden value” in your energy portfolio and monetise them.
  • We can optimise your assets in gas transport and storage, power generation and transmission.
  • Thanks to our credit worthiness and financial strength we can offer solutions for cash flow optimisation.


Clean Energy Solutions

We can support your business in your carbon neutrality journey.

It is estimated that tackling climate change could create opportunities for a company to increase its value by up to 80% if it is well positioned and proactive. Conversely, a poor position can threaten up to 65% of value*. 

*Carbon Trust: Climate Change, A Business Revolution

Shell Energy Europe* can help you achieve this value increase, delivering an innovative range of clean energy solutions that will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Download the Clean Energy Solutions Brochure

Inside Clean Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Certificates

An effective tool to reduce your CO2 emissions.

Green Power

All-in-one green energy solution.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

The emerging preference for buying renewable power.

Voluntary Carbon Offsets

A step further in your carbon neutrality.

Combined Natural Gas with Voluntary Carbon Offsets

Offsetting your CO2 emissions from combustion of natural gas.

*Shell Energy Europe Ltd, acting through its agent Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited. Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA"). View disclaimer.

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