Helping to reduce the Net Carbon Footprint of our customers’ gas consumption
Gas is used to generate electricity, provide heat for essential industrial processes, heat homes and fuel the transport of people and goods

COP 25 has underlined the importance that we, as a society, work together in order to tackle climate change.

Shell has an ambition to cut the net carbon intensity of the energy products we sell by around 50% by 2050 in step with society. This ambition positions the company for the future and seeks to ensure we thrive as the world works to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement on climate change. Beginning in 2019, we have set an unconditional three-year target to reduce our Net Carbon Footprint by 2% to 3% compared to 2016. This target setting will then be done annually, with each year’s target covering either a three or five-year period.

How are we planning to achieve these targets and the overall ambition? Well, instead of solely focusing on our operational emissions, we will seek to reduce our Net Carbon Footprint we are working to increase the proportion of lower-carbon products in the mix we offer. In other words, by providing reliable, affordable and cleaner energy solutions to our customers, in a sustainable way.

Tailoring gas solutions to help customers meet their decarbonisation targets

Many different solutions will be required for a successful transition to a low-carbon future. Natural gas including renewable gas will be essential in the future energy mix helping to meet increasing demand while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

Shell will continue to provide our customers with natural gas to fuel transport, heat and light homes, and power industries. And, we will offer a variety of other innovative solutions to help our customers on their decarbonisation journey, while ensuring they can remain competitive in the global market.

In particular, Shell Energy Europe can provide several gas solutions. To highlight a couple of them:

  • Biomethane: We can leverage our expertise as an established natural gas trader and supplier to offer biomethane solutions which can contribute to achieving our customers’ sustainability and efficiency goals. Through our global reach, we have access to a wide range of biomethane products (biogas upgraded to natural gas quality that is fully compatible with existing gas networks) which we can supply to our customers.
  • Natural gas combined with voluntary carbon credits: We can supply natural gas combined with carbon credits from natural ecosystems to reduce or neutralise the emissions associated with the consumption of such natural gas. By working with natural ecosystems to capture and store carbon emissions, we can help nature to play a bigger role in limiting global warming and meeting the aims of the Paris Agreement.

Shell works with several of the world’s highest quality environmental projects. These projects focus on planting new forests, replacing damaged forests and protecting existing ones across the planet. They have been selected for their demonstrated climate and environmental benefits, as well as for their commitment to support some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as improving local health and education, enhancing biodiversity or reducing poverty, amongst others.

I am delighted to come to the next E-world and talk in much more detail about these and other clean energy solutions we have tailored for you. Come by our stand (Hall1-108). See you at E-world 2020!

Jonathan McCloy
General Manager Gas
Shell Energy Europe

This text was first published in the E-world 2020 Magazine (January 2020).

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