Gas Trading

Natural Gas Trading and Supply

Trading and supplying gas across key European markets – from major hubs to emerging ones.

The natural choice for cleaner hydrocarbon energy

Today, natural gas is an essential player in carbon reduction strategies. Natural gas helps lower emissions and improve air quality when replacing coal or diesel. It also provides fuel for power generation to supplement renewable energy sources.

Meet peak demands

Meet peak demands

Maintain a stable natural gas supply with the flexibility to meet your needs all year round, even during periods of highest demand.

Pan-European Coverage

Pan-European coverage

With a natural gas network spanning 20 European countries, we’re here to serve your business across multiple regions and locations.

Reduce risk and control costs

Reduce risk and control costs

Stay on budget, protect your cashflow and ensure a stable natural gas supply with our physical and financial risk management solutions.

*Shell Energy Europe Ltd or Shell Trading International Ltd acting through their agent Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited. Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA"). View disclaimer.

Clean gas solutions

Shell Energy Europe provides you with a range of clean gas solutions that can help you meet your decarbonisation goals. We tailor solutions that aim to avoid, reduce or compensate for the emissions of your business.

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