This information is purely for Shell Energy Europe’s commercial and industrial customers. For residential or household queries visit or send an email to:

Emergency Contact

Dial 105 (Emergency information 24/7)

Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution

North Scotland

Scottish Power Energy Networks

South Scotland

North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire Dial

Electricity North West

North West England

Northern Powergrid (Northeast) Ltd

North East England


Western Power Distribution

West Midlands

East Midlands

South Wales

South West England

UK Power Networks

East England


South East England

Southern Electric Power Distribution

Southern England

The Electricity Network Company Limited

Tel: 01359 302255  

Electricity Theft

If you have reasons to suspect someone is tampering with their industrial or commercial electricity meter / supply please call Shell Energy Europe on +44 20 7546 5190.

If you do not wish to contact Shell Energy Europe, you can still report your concerns using this website: Please note all reports are treated confidentially, and you will not have to give your name.

Debt Advice

Please contact your Shell Energy Europe contact as per the terms of your contract.

Please note that Shell Energy Europe is a supplier of Power to non-Domestic customers only.

Site Access Policy

Visiting your premises

As your electricity supplier Shell Energy Europe Limited, or one of our representatives, may need to visit one of your sites. If we do need to visit your site for any purpose, we will inform you in advance by letter or by telephone, of the purpose of the proposed visit.

Reasons why we may need to visit you include to:

  • Maintain, check or read your meter
  • Install a different type of meter
  • Check your supply after a supply interruption

Shell Energy Europe Limited will only use fully accredited and high-quality service providers for the provision of meter operation or data collection services. Our representatives may include the following organisations: the local electricity distribution company, a meter operator, a credit management company or a meter reading agency.

All of our representatives who may visit you will carry and identity card showing:

  • Their name, employee identification number and signature
  • A phone number for you to ring if you want to confirm their identity
  • The expiry date of their ID card; and
  • The name of the company they represent

If you would like extra security, our service providers are also able to use a specific password to gain entry to your property. Please feel free to request that we, or our representatives use a password (which could be a number, word or phrase) to help ensure that the representative is from the correct organisation.

If you think the caller is not a genuine representative, please don’t let them in and either call the number of their identity card, or contact the police immediately.

If you wish to contact us to set a password, have any further questions related to our site access arrangements, or wish to make a complaint about the visit that was made to your property please contact Shell Energy Europe Limited on + 44 20 7546 5190.

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