Combined Natural Gas and Voluntary Carbon Offsets

Reduced carbon gas

With reduced carbon gas, you will be an active player in voluntary accredited schemes with sound climate and social benefits.

A step further in your decarbonisation journey

To help you offset the unavoidable emissions that are produced by natural gas combustion at your site, we can tailor a solution that is carbon neutral.

  • Your natural gas supply is bundled with independently verified carbon credits to compensate greenhouse gas emissions from gas combustion.
  • We use emission factors published in the national inventory reports to calculate your emissions from combustion of natural gas.
  • We guarantee that the consumed volume of natural gas matches the volume of credits and provide you with a CO compensation certificate.
  • You will be able to use all available marketing materials related to our global portfolio of nature-based projects to add value to your brand.

We supply natural gas with high-quality, voluntary carbon credits from nature-based projects around the world.


Environmental products

With regional hubs in London, San Diego, Shanghai and Singapore, we are one of the largest environmental product traders in the world. We operate in compliance and voluntary emissions markets globally and can help you compensate for emissions with carbon credits, renewable energy certificates, and nature-based solutions.

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