Clean Energy Solutions

Clean energy solutions

We can support your business in your carbon neutrality journey.

No single solution, but many

There is no single solution to keep the rise in the global average temperature well below 2°C. Many different solutions are urgently needed for a successful transition to a low-carbon world. Shell Energy Europe provides you with a range of clean energy solutions that can help you meet your decarbonisation goals. We tailor solutions that aim to avoid, reduce or compensate for the emissions of your business.

Avoid Emissions

Avoid Emissions

Maximising the role of electricity, renewables and hydrogen in the energy transition

  • We offer the integrated end-to-end power solutions you need — from generation and supply to trading and distributed energy systems.
  • We develop wind and solar projects, produce power from existing assets and manage renewable power offtakes to meet our customers’ energy needs.
  • We are improving and expanding our renewables offering to customers, starting from renewable certificates through to corporate power purchase agreements with additionality.
  • Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe – we are developing several initiatives to encourage the adoption of hydrogen in transport.
Reduce Emissions

Reduce Emissions

Promoting the use of natural gas as the cleanest burning hydrocarbon

  • We have one of the largest natural gas trading operations in the world. This allows us to connect buyers and sellers and provide reliable and flexible gas supply to our customers.
  • Natural gas plays an increasingly important role in sectors of the economy that cannot be easily electrified. It helps lower emissions and improves air quality when it replaces coal and diesel. Gas is also an ideal partner for renewable energy sources, providing critical support in matching supply and demand.
  • Shell has been a pioneer in LNG for more than five decades: from finding the fields and extracting the gas, through to liquefaction, shipping and distribution to customers.
  • To further accelerate decarbonisation of the gas system, we offer various renewable gas solutions including biomethane tailored to customer needs.
Compensate Emissions

Compensate Emissions

Offering innovative solutions for emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced

  • Customers can purchase credits from high-quality emission reduction projects to compensate any unavoidable emissions.
  • For unavoidable emissions from combustion of natural gas, we offer a bespoke solution to bundle gas supply with nature-based carbon credits.
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