LONDON, February 4 2015 - Silverstream Technologies and Shell today announced the successful sea trial of Silverstream Technologies’ new air lubrication technology for ships, the Silverstream® System. The sea trials, independently verified by Lloyds Register Ship Performance Team, show net energy efficiency savings in all analysed cases.

Shell funded, and with Silverstream, oversaw the installation of the Silverstream® System on the 40000DWT products tanker MT Amalienborg, owned by the leading Danish Shipping company Dannebrog Rederi.

“This is a landmark moment for Silverstream Technologies and the development of our air lubrication technology, confirming it as a current, and commercially viable solution for reducing fuel costs and emissions within the shipping industry,” said Noah Silberschmidt, CEO, Silverstream Technologies.

The trials verified by the Lloyds Register Ship Performance Team showed net average energy efficiency savings of 4.3% and 3.8% for the vessel in ballast and laden conditions respectively. The figures represent an average from all raw data captured during each trial, which included optimal and non-optimal air flows. Based on the trials both Silverstream and Shell believe that a fully optimised system has potential to deliver more than 5% efficiency savings on an ongoing basis when deployed on a full-bodied vessel with a large flat bottom.

The Silverstream® System produces a thin layer of micro bubbles that creates a single ‘air carpet’ for the full flat of bottom of the ship. This reduces the frictional resistance between the water and hull and improves the vessel’s operational efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions. The technology can be added to a new build design, or quickly retrofitted to an existing ship within just 14 days as was the case for the MT Amalienborg.

“Following this successful trial, we are confident that we can enhance the already significant savings that we have seen. We believe these results show that the Silverstream® System can play a crucial role in supporting the shipping industry to increase operational and environmental efficiencies and reduce fuel costs,” continued Silberschmidt.

Dr. Adri Postema, GM Shell Shipping & Maritime Technology, stated: “We constantly look for ways to improve our shipping efficiency, both operationally and with innovative technology. Our maritime technical experts worked closely with Silverstream Technologies, Lloyd’s Register and a number of other parties to achieve a successful trial of this promising technology.”

Nick Brown, Lloyd’s Register’s Chief Operating Officer, Marine, in commenting on the project, said: “Ship owners and operators need to trust the savings and return on investment calculations that manufacturers claim. This trust can only be built by ensuring rigour and transparency within the trial process, to ensure the highest level of accuracy in the projected figures that are communicated to the market. The sea trials for the Silverstream® System have been conducted in such a way, with independence ensured throughout.”

Johnny Schmoelker, CEO, DannebrogRederi AS, commented: “Given impending stringent environmental regulations that will further increase operational costs, energy efficiency technologies that can reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions are critical in limiting the bottom line impact for ship owners and operators. We are proud to be the first owner to install the Silverstream® System and demonstrate the efficiency gains.”

A BMT SmartAccess and SmartVessel performance monitoring system was fitted to the vessel to record data from the trials. This will continue to monitor the system’s performance over the next 12 months during normal shipping operations.

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