What Shell Offers

We offer a range of price risk management tools, which include fixed-price physical contracts, fixed-price physical minimum/maximum contracts and financial derivatives such as swaps, capped swaps, extendables and collars.


These enable our customers to:
  • Make better project planning and budgeting decisions.
  • Protect their cash flow against price fluctuations.
  • Secure Supply at a more predictable price and therefore manage costs more effectively.
  • Protect margins.
  • Offer their customers price stability.

Shell closely monitors the crude and oil product markets, including Supply/demand, inventories and arbitrage flows. We share a daily market report to help our customers keep track of the oil markets. We support this with regular presentations from traders and economists.


Find out more about the benefits in choosing Shell to support with your price risk and oil hedging activities here.


Price Risk Management Partner of Choice

Shell is one of the largest energy traders in the world, Trading approximately 12 million barrels per day of physical crude and associated oil products and several multiples of that as derivatives. We have more than 30 years’ experience managing price risk for our own operations.

Shell is well placed to be your partner of choice for all oil price exposure and oil hedging management requirements. Shell has decades of experience in oil derivative hedging and offers considerable flexibility as it can also embed price risk management in physical supply.


Experienced and dedicated

Our experienced price risk management department operating from dedicated desks in Singapore, London and Houston, can also offer customised hedging solutions for our customers. Our customers can include: oil consumers such as airlines or industrial companies, producers, refiners and banks with no market making capability.


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Find out more about the benefits in choosing Shell to support with your price risk and oil hedging activities here.

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