Shipping Fleet

Oil/Chemical Tankers

Silver Etrema
Silver Etrema

Shell manages a fleet of six oil/chemical tankers.

Silver-Class (oil/chemical)

The Silver-Class are specialist vessels, with a gross capacity of 29,327 tons, that typically carry annex I and annex II type chemicals. Our six Silver Class vessels joined the Shell fleet as new-build projects, with the first joining in 2015. These vessels operate around the world.

The class includes “Silver Etrema”.

LNG Carriers

Shell manages around 20 LNG carriers, including:


G-Class carriers can transport 130,000 cubic metres (cbm) of LNG. They are steam-turbine powered vessels that are used to safely deliver natural gas around the world.

Methane Kari Elin
Methane Kari Elin


Methane-Class vessel Methane Kari Elin can carry 138,000 cbm of LNG. She is a steam-turbine powered vessel that moves LNG between producing and consuming countries across the globe.



M-Class vessels can carry 174,000 cbm of LNG. They are twin-propulsion vessels fitted with M-type, electronically controlled gas injection (MEGI) engines. These vessels can also be fuelled by natural gas and are fitted with partial re-liquefication systems.

The class includes "Murex".



The S-Class vessel Solaris can carry up to 150,000 cbm of LNG. Solaris has a dual fuel diesel electric (DFDE) engine that can use gas from the cargo tanks as fuel for propulsion.

Solaris was built in 2014 and remains an important part of our global LNG fleet.

Nakilat Q-Max & Q-Flex

A Q-Max can carry 266,000 cbm of LNG, while a Q-Flex carries up to 216,000 cbm. A Q-Max is longer than three football pitches.


NWS-class LNG carriers are associated with the Northwest Shelf Project in Australia and are managed by Shell Tankers Australia. These vessels typically carry 130,000 cbm of LNG from Australia to customers in Asia.

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