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At Shell Shipping & Maritime, we are proud to have such diversity within our fleet personnel. The greater the variety of perspectives we have on board, the greater the ideas we can develop. Now we need more people who can apply fresh thinking to the energy challenge.

Experienced Officers

We value the calibre of our personnel and are committed to recognising and developing the marine expertise of our teams in positions at sea and ashore.

Excellent opportunities exist for continued career progression. As an officer you will benefit from a well-established training scheme as well as the opportunity to develop experience working on our growing fleet of oil and LNG ships. Ashore, there are numerous management and operational positions around the world which will develop and enhance your marine expertise.

Our belief is that success is your own making, so prove to us that you have the drive and motivation to make a difference.

What we offer

  • A highly competitive salary
  • Career opportunities ashore
  • Air travel assistance for partners
  • 28 days’ leave earned per month at Senior Officer level
  • Airport priority-pass lounge access at Senior Officer level


Every day we transport massive quantities of crude oil, refined products and liquefied natural gas around the world by sea. And we rely on the skill and dedication of a diverse team of people to make it happen.

Right now we’re looking for more people with the talent and ambition to help us meet the energy challenge. For you it’s a chance to build a rewarding career, by gaining practical experience whilst you work towards an academic qualification.

What we offer

  • Fully sponsored Foundation Degree in Nautical Sciences
    or Marine Engineering within the UK
  • Salary paid whilst training within the UK
  • Worldwide travel
  • Hands-on experience onboard our fleet of oil tankers and gas carrier while studying
  • Excellent career prospects at sea and in shore-based management

Health & Eyesight

Prospective experienced Officers must be in possession of a valid Seafarers Medical Certificate as testament of their general state of health to serve at sea.

Prospective Deck Cadets must obtain an approved Maritime and Coastguard Agency sight test certificate, which states that they have an acceptable level of eyesight and do not suffer from colour blindness. Those taking the test will be allowed to use the aids to vision which they normally use, but will be expected to meet the set standards. Prospective Engineer cadets do not have to pass this test, but must have reasonable vision in each eye, though good colour vision is essential.

All candidates must be of good health and be able to pass the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Medical Examination (ENG 1).  This will be arranged at a later date, following a successful interview with the Company.

Experienced Officer Minimum Entry Requirements

Recommended Qualifications

  • Valid STCW '95 Certificate of Competency
  • Dangerous Cargo Endorsement an advantage
  • Tanker Familiarisation Certificate
  • Valid Seafarers Medical Certificate


  • Relevant seagoing oil or gas tanker experience essential.
  • Ex-employees welcome to re-apply.

Student & Graduate Minimum Entry Requirements

As an A-level, equivalent, or graduate candidate, you must have studied either Maths or Physics (or a subject with a high Maths content) to A level standards and obtained a pass in at least one. You must achieve at least 120 UCAS points to be eligible for enrolment on the Foundation Degree scheme.

Contact the Recruitment Team with any enquiries

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