Shell Thiogro Urea-ES technology helps urea manufacturers to satisfy the growing demand for plant nutrient sulphur by delivering elemental sulphur through the most widely-used fertiliser in the world – urea.

In many cases, Shell Thiogro Urea-ES technology can help create cost savings at the plant by replacing a portion of higher-cost nitrogen feedstock with lower-cost elemental sulphur.

This can also free up additional urea liquor or ammonia feedstock, which can then be used to produce more end product, or be redirected to other uses.

The flexibility of Shell Thiogro Urea-ES technology allows fertiliser manufacturers to produce customised sulphur-enhanced urea formulations that suit the unique needs of their customers, offering an all-in-one nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser solution.

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Elemental sulphur micronisation

A key feature of Shell Thiogro technologies is the micronisation of elemental sulphur into particles small enough to promote oxidation to sulphate within the growing season, helping crops to access sulphur nutrient across the crop cycle.