By replacing a portion of high-cost phosphate with lower-cost sulphur, fertiliser producers can save on raw material costs, produce more fertiliser overall, or redirect the extra phosphate to other high-margin uses.

Quick Facts:

  • Can be installed in most MAP, DAP, TSP and NPK plants in as few as 12 to 18 months, with little disruption to current production
  • Enables the production of custom formulations, which can include micronised elemental sulphur, sulphate sulphur and micronutrients, such as zinc and copper
  • Compact technology can occupy a plant footprint as small as 37m2 or 400ft2 for a basic installation

Customisable formulations

In addition to micronised elemental sulphur and sulphate sulphur, Shell Thiogro technologies can incorporate micronutrients such as zinc and copper into the formulation, enabling the production of  customised sulphur-enhanced fertilisers that provide more of the nutrients plants need in a single granule.

Formulations can be customised to fertiliser manufacturers’ preference and modified on-site to produce a variety of grades at the same facility.

Here are just a few examples of sulphur enhanced fertilisers that have been produced using Shell Thiogro technologies:


11-40-0 12S – 70% elemental sulphur, 30% sulphate sulphur

12-40-0 10S 1Zn – 50% elemental sulphur, 50% sulphate sulphur


24-24-0 8S – 50% elemental sulphur, 50% sulphate sulphur

18-46-0 4S – 75% elemental sulphur, 25% sulphate


0-44-0 10S – 100% elemental sulphur

0-39-0 12S – 67% elemental sulphur, 33% sulphate sulphur

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Why Sulphur Fertilizers?

Lack of sulphur in soils threatens crop quality and yield, and there is a need for high performance sulphur enhanced fertilizers to meet the challenge.

Shell Thiogro Urea-ES Technology

In mid-2015, Shell Thiogro launched a new technology that incorporates micronised elemental sulphur into urea fertiliser, enabling fertiliser manufacturers to produce a differentiated sulphur-enhanced urea fertiliser that provides more of the nutrients crops need.