The average elemental sulphur particle size is smaller than 75 µm (75/1000 mm) using our phosphates technologies, and smaller than 40 µm (40/1000 mm) using our new Urea-ES technology.

In addition to micronised elemental sulphur, Shell Thiogro technologies enable fertiliser manufacturers to incorporate fast-release sulphate sulphur. The combination of time-released elemental sulphur and immediately available sulphate sulphur helps to provide crops with season-long access to vital sulphur nutrient.

Fertiliser manufacturers can customise the amount of elemental and sulphate sulphur in their formulation to produce a fertiliser, or range of fertilisers, that work best for their customers.

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Shell Thiogro Urea-ES Technology

In mid-2015, Shell Thiogro launched a new technology that incorporates micronised elemental sulphur into urea fertiliser, enabling fertiliser manufacturers to produce a differentiated sulphur-enhanced urea fertiliser that provides more of the nutrients crops need.