Achieving food security is recognized as a major global challenge, with bodies such as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) promoting agricultural best practices to help growers boost productivity. Sulphur is essential for healthy crop growth. However, soils are increasingly sulphur-deficient as a result of intensive agricultural production and reduced atmospheric sulphur deposition.


Current Sulphur fertilization only meets half the global requirement. Demand for this key nutrient is on the rise.

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Shell Thiogro phosphate fertiliser technologies

Shell Thiogro phosphate fertiliser technologies incorporate micronised elemental sulphur and sulphate sulphur into the most widely used phosphate fertilisers, including MAP, DAP, TSP and some NPKs, enabling the production of premium sulphur-enhanced fertilisers.

Shell Thiogro Urea-ES Technology

In mid-2015, Shell Thiogro launched a new technology that incorporates micronised elemental sulphur into urea fertiliser, enabling fertiliser manufacturers to produce a differentiated sulphur-enhanced urea fertiliser that provides more of the nutrients crops need.