“Shell Sulphur Solutions is honoured and delighted to have the opportunity to work with one of the most respected fertilizer companies in India.  In addition, this is a chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of Shell Sulphur Solutions’ technologies, a differentiated fertiliser product in a crowded marketplace.”

Carlos Maurer, General Manager Product Development and Ventures, Shell Sulphur Solutions

The licence enables Coromandel to produce sulphur enhanced ammonium phosphate fertilizers in India for the domestic market. Production will start at its plant at Visakhapatnam and may extend to the Kakinada unit later.

Coromandel, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, is one of the leading progressive fertilizer companies in India and the flagship company of the Murugappa Group. Coromandel is also one of the largest phosphatic fertilizer players in India, specialising in fertilisers, speciality nutrients, crop protection and retail.

Sulphur is a major plant nutrient and is essential for sustained healthy plant growth. Soil sulphur deficiency is recognised to be a significant factor in inhibiting optimal crop yields in many parts of the world, including India. Shell Thiogro technologies enable progressive fertilizer manufacturers to include this essential nutrient in their fertilizer formulations, through the incorporation of micron-sized particles of elemental sulphur within the world’s most widely used phosphate fertilizers, such as MAP, DAP and NPK’s.

“It is very exciting to think that our Shell Thiogro technologies can be part of the contribution to improving agricultural yields in a country where farming dates back many years and is still a very important contributor to the Indian economy,” he continued.

Shell Thiogro is part of a family of sulphur technologies available from Shell Sulphur Solutions. This technology represents Shell’s commitment to finding responsible energy solutions to today’s challenges.  Shell Sulphur Solutions is developing exciting new applications for sulphur, a natural by-product of oil and gas excavations.

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