Shell is commited to:

  • Pursue the goal of no harm to people
  • Protect the environment
  • Use material and energy efficiently to provide our products and services
  • Develop energy resources, products and services consistent with these aims
  • Share openly information on our HSSE performance
  • Play a leading role in promoting best practice in our industry
  • Manage HSSE maters as any other critical business activity
  • Promote a culture in which all Shell employees share this commitment

To reach this commitment, Shell:

  • Has a systematic approach to HSSE management designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continous performance improvement
  • Pursues its activities so as to protect employees and others from associated health hazards
  • Promotes safety awareness, believes all injuries are preventable and promotes individual accountabilitiy for accident prevention
  • Conducts thorough investigations into HSSE incidents and near-misses with significant actual or potential consequences and reports accordingly
  • Sets targets for improvement and measures, appraises and reports performance
  • Requires contractors to manage HSSE in line with this policy

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Shell Dimethylether (DME)

Shell offers high purity Dimethylether (DME) for all cosmetical and technical uses. From our German production in the Rhineland Refinery Wesseling we deliver to your production facilities all over Europe.

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