Your fleet’s one-stop telematics solution

Shell Telematics gives you all the insight you need to help get the best out of your fleet.

By combining Shell Card and vehicle data, our end-to-end solution makes it simple to do everything from spotting card fraud through to tracking delivery progress and monitoring driver behaviour.


Driver performance is the key to fleet performance

Driver performance is the key to fleet performance

As every Fleet Manager knows, a well-trained, well-supported team of drivers is the critical component that keeps their operation on track. Shell Telematics helps you to focus on this vital area of your business, giving you the information you need to help get the very best out of your team. Drivers influence 70-80% of TCO for fleets1 including:

  • Vehicle wear and tear
  • Fuel consumption
  • Delivery performance
  • Asset safety
  • Compliance
  • Insurance

1Ptolemus Consulting Group, Connected Fleet Services Global Study 2018

Simple set-up and flexible, competitive contracts

It’s quick and easy to get up and running with Shell Telematics. The only hardware is our after-market dongle, and you can pick the level of data that works best for your business and your budget from our bundle options.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of Shell Telematics

  • Efficiency


    ● Track your vehicles for better fleet planning ● Choose fuel-efficient routes and optimise delivery times ● Assign jobs more effectively and manage customer expectations on ETAs
  • Productivity


    ● Schedule maintenance proactively to reduce downtime ● Simplify admin such as handling timesheets and tracking business/private mileage ● Instant data and a paperless system
  • Security


    ● Increase financial control ● Monitor transactions and receive alerts of unusual fuel card activity ● Know where your vehicles are and receive alerts of unexpected use
  • Safety


    ● Monitor driver performance, help reduce accidents ● Track poor driving behaviour such as speeding and idling ● Scoring system to engage drivers and incentivise improved driving

Product Features

Features at a glance

  • Live map

    Live map

    Track live location and movement of all vehicles with satellite map view, Google Street View and live traffic information.
  • Journey history

    Journey history

    Review all journeys made with date, time, start and finish locations, drive time and distance travelled.
  • Driver performance

    Driver performance

    Rate each driver‘s driving behaviour score based on the length and severity of the speeding, acceleration, idling time and braking events.
  • Vehicle performance

    Vehicle performance

    Get timely maintenance reminders and fuel-efficiency reports.
  • Geo-Plus


    Set up geo-fencing to get alerts based on needs – e.g. alerts when vehicle leaves city limits.
  • Business/private mileage

    Business/private mileage

    Get reports detailing all journeys by driver to enable business/private mileage claims.


Manage all your fleet data through one user-friendly system

  • Online Portal

    Online Portal

    Our easy-to-use portal gives you 24/7 access to your data so you have complete visibility of your fleet’s real-time and historical activity.
  • App


    Our app provides access to Live Map and journey history data, and includes options to call or SMS your drivers. Available for both Android and iOS.
  • Privacy


    Allows privacy settings to be applied to vehicles if needed.
  • Device management

    Device management

    Edit information stored against device including driver names, contact details, vehicle information and linked fuel cards.