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Shell TapUp®

Discover how our Mobile Fuel Delivery service can help your company save time and money, while reducing your carbon footprint.

The Shell TapUp® advantage

Navigating tight timelines, while moving from A to B, means that finding a time to refuel your entire fleet can be a challenge – which is why we decided to create a mobile refuelling infrastructure.

Shell TapUp® is a safe and convenient refuelling solution, designed to address some of the most pressing needs in the fleet industry: from reducing congestion at the forecourt during peak periods; to improving access to alternative fuels; promoting safety standards; and limiting unproductive miles on the road.


Why choose Shell TapUp®?

  • Save time

    With your vehicle always on the move, you can leave the fuelling of your fleet to us. With Shell TapUp®, fuel is delivered directly into your vehicles during downtime.

  • Remove hassle

    Simple invoicing helps to streamline admin and makes receipts and the risk of fuel card fraud become a thing of the past.

  • Access alternative fuels

    Find exactly what you need with our high-quality, comprehensive fuel portfolio, from Shell GTL to HVO, Shell FuelSave Diesel to AdBlue®. *

  • Get competitive fuel prices

    Our Shell TapUp customer care team can work with you to offer competitive fuel prices based on the size and requirements of your fleet.

  • Compensate your fuel

    Our fuel emissions can be offset using Shell Nature Based solutions.

  • Protect your personnel

    Safety is a top priority for every fleet manager. We actively promote safety standards, like limiting exposure to personnel and mitigating hazards and security risks.

*fuel types vary by market

How it works

Why refuel yourself when you can have fuel delivered to your fleet? We call it "effortless refuelling". By allowing us to bring the fuel to your fleet, you are saving time and removing the hassle and emissions associated with refuelling your own vehicles.

Shell TapUp Delivery truck on location


Together, we’ll agree on a schedule that suits your busy calendar, arriving at your location whenever you’d like.

Close up on a fuel pump nozzle inserted in the tank of a truck


On delivery day, our skilled Mobile Service Champions will be on hand to refuel your fleet using our high-quality fuels.

A close up on a friendly, smiling man’s face


By helping you to generate time, cost and carbon savings, you can focus on the more important parts of your business

A safety-first approach

A Shell TapUp® Mobile Service Champion standing next to the TapUp® delivery van

Mobile Service Champions

On delivery day, you’ll meet our team of Mobile Service Champions, who are certified and fully trained on regulatory compliance, service operations, hazardous materials management and road safety.

Shell TapUp® Mobile Service Champion refueling a truck on location


Our fuel is the real hero but that doesn’t mean our vehicles aren’t packed full of innovations too. While quality is at forefront, our Shell TapUp® vehicles are supported with innovative features including camera systems, dynamic fuel stock management and vehicle monitoring technology.

Over the shoulder view of a man holding a smartphone with the Shell TapUp® app open on the screen

Customer care

Before we agree on a schedule, we are duty-bound to conduct a safety inspection as well as risk and site assessments, so we can pre-agree a working arrangement that promotes a safe environment for your team and ours.

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