The world’s most accepted fuel card

The Shell Card gives your business access to more sites in more countries than any other fuel card on the market.

We offer good coverage on all international transit corridors so your drivers won’t need to detour to find one of our sites – there’s even a mobile app to help them find the right stop nearby. 

shell Petrol pump

Global access to high-quality fuel and facilities

We know that for your business to keep moving your drivers need to refuel as well as your vehicles.

  • Access to 45,000 Shell-branded sites in close to 80 countries
  • Your Shell Card is also accepted in an even larger partner network of 200,000 sites worldwide
  • Our network includes HGV-specific sites offering HGV lanes and high-speed pumps to ensure your drivers can be on their way quickly, as well as dedicated truck parking and rest areas

Everywhere your drivers need us

Your drivers are never far from a place to stop and refuel. This simplifies route planning and rest breaks, reduces the need for detours, and helps keep your drivers on the road.

Discover How We Can Help Your Fleet

Retail sites

Retail sites

Our locations provide everything for your drivers to refuel, recharge and maintain their vehicles.


Our locations provide everything for your drivers to refuel, recharge, and maintain themselves and their vehicles. Our on-site facilities include:

  • Clean washrooms
  • WiFi Access
  • Healthy food and drink options
  • Parking
  • CCTV and trained staff
  • Vehicle maintenance areas